Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arizona State University (ASU) Is Not a Party School!

Within the recent years, Arizona State University (ASU) has been wrongly branded with the label of being a party school. Running with this stereotype in order to make news more enjoyable, some media outlets have put a huge focus on isolated incidents of large parties and party aspects of many of ASU's events, as well as the actions of the minority of students who put partying before academics.

How the Media Sees ASU
Arizona State University is actually a highly academic research university which puts a lot of focus on excellence. They hold events such as the annual Undie Run which is put together to facilitate clothing and food donations while making the even fun for students. However, the actual intent of the event is often overlooked and the actions of a few drunken college students who are trying to relieve stress from finals (but end up taking it too far) and get in trouble often get highlighted instead of the positive outcome of the event.

Along with events like the Undie Run, Arizona State University has a ton of great academic programs for students who are interested in getting a great education and a degree that matters, including the Barrett Honors College which is one of the top colleges in the nation, available to students who have shown a history of academic excellence with the benefit of better facilities, better food, and a greater access to resources, which are well deserved to any who are willing to put forth the effort to get accepted and can pay the extra several hundred dollars it takes to maintain these projects.

Arizona State University hosted
MUNFW 2012
Another great academic organization that Arizona State University can be proud of is the Model United Nations, which I am proud to say that I am a part of. Since the organization has been re-established, we have hosted two high school conferences at ASU for local high schools and have given hundreds of high school students a chance to further their own academics, while giving college students new to the program a chance to experience Model United Nations and gain a better understanding of United Nations practices before attempting to take on a national conference.

In the Model United Nations organization, we also participate in the annual Model United Nations Far West Conference in San Francisco California, where we act as delegates of particular countries and try to form resolutions with other countries that reflect our countries policies. This process requires a lot of academic research and practice on our own behalf without the added benefit of college credits or certificates, and in the case of this past year, a lot of financial burden on each one of us personally. However, I can truly say that the experience of being a part of the Model United Nations Far West Conference is completely worth it.

To further the academic benefits of being a part of this organization, not only did we send a team of competitive delegates who had spent weeks preparing for the conference, but we also sponsored the conference and were put in charge of a great deal of the operations that took place at the conference, including being a part of the secretariat, chairing, and even developing the topics that would be discussed in the various Model United Nations committees and the issue books that come with them. There is a huge amount of time, money and effort that goes into being a part of this conference, but it only shows ASU's dedication to academic excellence at the grassroots level.

Our Secretary General Making a Speech at
The Opening Plenary of MUNFW 2012
(sorry that it's sideways)

I will post further details about the actual conference later, but in the meantime, I hope that it's the strong academic efforts of dedicated students who strive for excellence that goes noticed and not the isolated mistakes of a handful of individuals that honestly don't deserve to be there. I hope that our program is one of the highlights of Arizona State University, which truly shows ASU's commitment to academic excellence, and that our efforts to give ASU the academic reputation that it deserves does not get overlooked.

It has been a great year, and while I am happy to see it end and the Summer begin, it is also a sad good-bye to my beloved campus until next year. I look forward to working hard and continuing a strong academic commitment that will rival my academic accomplishments this year in the upcoming semesters.