Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beer Pong

Beer pong is one of the most popular college games around! It's more popular than heads up seven up ever was in middle school. I've known people who won't even go to parties if there is no beer pong.

Well, I for one love the game. Its the best way to enjoy beer (despite the fact that we usually end up getting some really crappy beer cause its cheaper). I first got hooked on the game when I was with my ex-girlfriend, and her neighbor came over to her apartment and showed us how to play. After that, a few more of my friends got into it, and we ended up taking to it so well that we would play it all the time.

We've played using dining room tables. We've used fold out tables. We've even had friends who set up tables with just a piece of wood as the surface! We've also played in some pretty interesting places, including one place we liked to call "Underground." Why is it called that? Well, because it's an underground parking lot under some dentist office. Not the cleanest place to play, but what the hell?

We've also played in an abandoned house before. My friend found out about it somehow, and we figured out how to get in through an unsecured window. We never trashed the place or anything like that, and we played in the garage so we wouldn't make a mess.

Yep, we sure have had some good fun with that game.

I've also noticed that people have their own rules for beer pong. Depending on who is hosting the game, you might end up playing by some radically different rules.

Here's a break down of the basic rules:

    rules of beer pong
  • Set up cups, throw balls in cups
  • If you make a ball, the cup gets drinkin and set aside (you win when your opponent has no more cups)
  • usually played in teams with two balls per turn
  • bounces are 2 cups, but can be swatted away

That's really it. But here are some of the other rules people have added:
  • Deathcup: make the ball into a cup your opponent hasn't drinken yet and win
  • Reracks: rearrange the cups for your opponent (limits set before game)
  • Balls back: depending on the host, either both players make a cup or both players make the same cup
  • Same cup: if balls back is for both players making a cup, sometimes same cup means 3 cups
  • Miss and drink: if you shoot of the table, you have to drink a cup
  • Islands: if a cup is sitting away from the rest of the group of cups, one can call "islands" and make their opponent drink two cups if they make it, but if they miss, they get nothing.
  • Roll backs: if the ball rolls back (and doesn't go off the table) you can shoot again, usually behind the back or opposite hand
  • Fingering/Blowing: you can often blow or "finger" a ball out
  • Elbows/Wrists: these body parts can't be over the table when you shoot
  • Trick shots: sometimes, people reward extra cups for trick shots.
  • Trolling: if you go a whole game without making a cup, you have to sit under the table.
Beer pong is a highly energized, very competitive and exciting game. New comers are almost always welcome. Competitors often try to distract their opponents to get them to mess up. And there is a hell of a lot of shit-talking going on. In a tight group of friends, everyone always knows who's really good. And some people really love to show off their skills.

As for myself, I would say I'm fairly good. I'm not the best, but I sure as hell love to play. It sure beats some crappy ass game like flip cup.


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