Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee Is Your Best Friend

So I live in Arizona. For those of you who don't know where that is, it's that odd shaped, rather square-looking thing (but not quite as square as the state's around it) state next to California, for lack of a better description. We aren't a bunch of gun-slingin' cowboys over here, living in archaic log homes and riding horses, despite how amusing the popular stereotype is. In fact, we have a rather dense metropolitan area, surrounded and including many large-interconnected cities that I think might as well be one big city cause sometimes I can't tell where one of them ends and where the other begins.
Arizona state on map
Right now, I'm going to school in a particularly unique Arizona city, Tempe. My school is Arizona State University. I would provide you with a little picture of ol' Sparky (the school trademark or whatever), except I don't want to end up getting in it with the school; so if you wanna know what he looks like, go ahead and google search it!

map of the light rail to ASU
College life isn't always as exciting as the movies makes it seem. To be honest with all you poor disillusioned, hopeful-eyed dreamers, college can sometimes just be full of exhaustion and a lot of useless downtime. Sometimes, I even go as far as to find myself a nice isolated bench and just nap the day away. I could theoretically just go home and sleep in my nice comfy bed, but the problem with that is that it takes me what seems to be an eternity to get home. Let me break this down for you...

Getting Home...

sleep is sometimes mroe important
Relatively speaking, the red circle represents where I'm at and the blue circle represents where I've got to go to get my car. This is all on the light rail so it's not nearly as bad as you'd think. However, it's about a 45 minute ride to my car, and from there, it's about another 20-30 minute drive back home (depending on the traffic). So all in all, when you're tired, sleep deprived and hungry, sometimes it's just overwhelmingly more appealing to do it hobo-style and worry about getting home after you've had a nap either in one of the chairs in the library, one of the benches outside, or anywhere you might creatively think to sleep where you don't wake up sunburned and dehydrated. (It's ok... it's a dry heat!)

Sleep Deprivation is the College Way...

an iced latte
Sleep deprivation does tend to have it's interesting side-effects, however. For one, it rearranges your priorities. For example, suddenly buying yourself a sub sandwich with all the fixings, double-meat and double-cheese from your local Subway becomes overwhelmingly more important than making sure you're saving enough money to purchase gas. Furthermore, coffee quickly becomes your best friend, and if anyone tries to stand between you and coffee, you suddenly become a knight in shining armor, out to save the deliciously-overpriced beverage from the clutches of evil! And then you stop and wonder why you had to pay $5 for a 24oz latte when you could have made a perfectly good latte at home for 1/10th the price. Then it dawns on you, again, that you are stuck at a location conveniently located an hour and a half away from your place of residence, which by association, your coffee maker, too (unless you're insane and bring it around with you), and before you know it, you're exhausted again and find your head conveniently located on the cold surface of the nearest desk only to wake up several hours later, wondering what happened to the rest of your coffee.


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