Monday, April 19, 2010

I was going to yell at my kid.....but then I got high!

I was watching tv with my mom and then my dad asked me if I had work that day and I said "nah man."

What my parents didn't know at that moment was that I have been unemployed for 5 months now.

They think I still have a job but the truth is I have been living off of my student loans.

Every time I leave for the day I would tell them that I am going to work when I really would just go to my friend's house and play beer pong or go to school. This has been going on for the entire time that I have been unemployed and my parents never suspected or so I thought.

After my dad asked me if I had to go to work, my mom asked if I still had a job.

I said "yeah man."

My dad left my mom and I to ourselves and then she asked me, "You aren't lying to me, are you?"

I then ran myself mentally into a dead end. I new the gig was up, and I would have to come clean. After all, I hadn't been "going to work" for a few weeks now since I've been so bogged down with school work and felt too lazy to go out during the hot Arizona days.

I said the following statement, "nah man."

She then asked me why I don't and I continued with "Because I haven't gone in 5 months."
My mom made me tell my dad, and so I did. At which point my dad seemed very upset. He didn't say anything for a while. I was really concerned because I was'nt sure whether or not he was going to tear me a new one. After a while he turned to my mom and then asks "Do you want go smoke a dooby?" So they went to go get high, and I went to sleep.




  1. uhh, that's a strange reaction!

  2. Yes... I would very much agree.

    Well, my dad does this thing called Melaleuca, and he's tried everything to get me involved. (As it is, I'm underneath him -- it works like a pyramid scheme -- and he gets money if I expand, as do I.)

    So I'm thinking that's probably what he has in mind now.

    I love melaleuca, don't get me wrong. They make great, affordable products, but I'm just not a sales person.