Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lot 59

Favorite Places On Campus
Part 1

There are many awesome places on campus. However, one of my favorite places has got to be Lot 59. One of the biggest reasons I love Lot 59 is because I can park there. I know, that sounds like a retarded reason, but in my case, it's a very good one!

You see, this semester, I decided to go to Tempe and West to figure out which had more to offer. I went through about half the semester without a parking decal for West because it was $200. (later when I bought it, it was about half that) Parking at Tempe is even more outrageous, but little did I know that with a parking decal for West, I could park at Lot 59 at Tempe. (see asu news) I only discovered this one day when my friend Fox had started parking there.

Beautiful Pond Area

Sure the parking lot is hella far from any of my classes and is a pretty sizable walk (even though just about anywhere on campus is), but that totally beats parking a 45-min train ride away.

So I discovered something else about this lot. It is the home of one of the most awesome places on campus. It's this nifty little pond area with a water fall in the back. And walking by this place (especially late in the evening or at night), I think to myself, man, next time I hook up with a girl, this is gonna be one of the places I bring her. And right next to that bond area, there is a bigger area with a couple more bonds, lots of shade, and beautiful landscaping. These areas are completely secluded from any heavy traffic and are a great place to just sit and relax for a little while.And it's located right next to a rather awesome mountain that would be perfect to go hiking on.


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