Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Lovely Little College In The Middle of Nowhere Tennessee

University of Tennessee at Martin:
Lovely little college in the middle of NOWHERE.

People come here as a dead end type thing or to escape from where they live. Everyone (almost) in my graduating class has come to UTM. It was about our only choice. The Tennessee Lottery scholarship requires that you go to a Tennessee school, so guess where everyone went? The nearest (also probably cheapest) Tennessee college. It's a small college with current enrollment of a little over 8,000. (Just so you know a bit about the place)

be advisedAnyway, I don't know how all colleges work, but we have advisers. Oh how I dislike (hate) my old adviser. As an undeclared freshman, I was assigned an adviser in in the Student Success Center. My adviser wasn't bad until I moved into my second year of college. She just disappeared off the face of the Earth! She was NEVER in her office. NEVER! I would wait for her too. I emailed her and no answer. So, I had to wait forever until they could find someone free for a second or two so I could be told what classes I need to take.

I also didn't like this adviser. The way I understood it, after your sophomore year, you have to declare a major. I knew the area I wanted to be in-Business, but not the specialization. This adviser said it didn't matter. Yeah....don't trust the advisers. If you know different, do not trust them! Ask the head of the department. Someone who if they mess up can be in big trouble. So guess what? During the middle of the summer, I got a hold on my account. (We have this portal thing, which you can get various
psychic adivsorholds on which can affect registering for classes and looking up your GPA) Can you guess what it was? Yeah, time to declare a major! I had to run around in circles to do that.

Thank you advisers for being there for me like you're paid to do.

--Cat Eye

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