Friday, April 23, 2010

Missing Classes

One thing in college that leaves you a little 2-sided is missing classes. It's just unavoidable. Whether you're a dedicated, study-hard kinda girl, or a laid back "whatever" kind of guy, something will always come up throughout the semester that will make you miss classes at least once in a while.

For most, this happens fairly frequently, especially as the semester drags on and students get worn out. For others, they will be there rain or shine. Some people just don't show up ever!

For me, I'm some where in between. I try to attend almost every class, but some times, I just can't muster up the strength to do so. With fighting off invitations from friends to go and party like it was 1593, and my constant procrastination which leads me to spending long nights awake until 3am working on projects (or not) I should have started a week ago, and trying to have some time to myself, I just get exhausted!

Sometimes, I wake up and hit the snooze button on my alarm (my phone) up to ten times a day because I just can't get going. Other days, I won't wake up at all to my alarm because my body will just be like "uh... no... you're staying asleep!" and I'll wake up after class has already started or is over.

Or sometimes, though it is rare that this will happen, some awesome concert or something just so happens to be going on at the same time that I should have class, in which case I may opt out that day.

skipping classBut I stay on top of things. I check my syllabus. And I talk to the teacher when I need to. Sometimes I make good friends with people in my class and ask them to fill me in. These are the ways I avoid academic death! Cause sometimes, people dig themselves into such a deep hole, they can't get out. I, on the other hand, occasionally throw some dirt back in the hole so that it keeps at a reasonable depth, and when I'm ready, I climb right on out.

Missing classes sucks, but sometimes, you just can't help it. So wake up, grab yourself an espresso, and get goin! You're late for class!


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