Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Secret of Loans

You notice how college is grossly expensive? Well ladies and gents and for whoever else is reading this I got news for you.


But, why though? Is it so expensive because you're learning how to be a well evolved individual in society? How about so your on the intelligent side of a conversation? No, everyone knows education is only important to get a job with a high paying salary so you don't end up smelling like stale french fries or end up ever having to guess what the shoe size is of some overweight hippo or some adolescent brat. So go to college if nothing else for a better paying job.
Sorry to ruin your dreams but most things in this world are all about money. Money doesn't buy you happiness but it does buy you things that do make you happy. Now on a positive note there is an upside to this expensive "dream" of having a higher salary. You get to accumulate loans, and I mean a lot of them especially if you want to get a P.H.D. or a Master's degree. But don't fret, its all good! You don't have to pay a dime of it or let it gain interest while your still in school. So what do you do? Go to school until you die. You might be thinking this kids on crack or he is smoking way to much weed. Well, you're right I probably have had way too many drugs, but you can think college also for that.
The point is you never have to pay off these loans if you stay in school and you never have to stop having fun. Let's be honest, ask anyone when the better year's of their life were and I guarantee it was in college. Your basically getting free money to have all the sex you want with random people, all the weed you want to smoke, and all the beer pong you want to play and if you get to learn how to make money to while your there well then I guess your just a peppy little spit screw. College is the epitome of doing all that is what people truly love but are to afraid to say out in the public. So, the next time someone offers you a free ride to the college of your dreams I say take that ride because I  personally am going to until I am 6 feet under and there is no reason why you shouldn't either because its on the government's dime.


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