Monday, April 19, 2010

Students on The Crack Schedule

Are You Crack Enough?

Do you know how hard it is keeping a normal schedule with all the things you're expected to do in college? You have college parties, roomates, hanging out with friends, study groups, homework, etc. The point is where in all this do you get the proper amount of sleep through the night(when you are supposed to actually sleep by the way)? I dont think you are supposed to, which is why they should have the cafe's and rec rooms and most of the buildings open 24 hrs for students.

Everyone knows that college students carry the worst scheduling when it comes to sleep so they should have everything open all the time. The libraries at the ASU campus did a good thing with keeping their doors open for 24-hours and so should everything else on the college campus. Everyone knows that the cool stuff happens at night anyways for students so if businesses were to stay open they would not only have increasing profits but interesting stories as well. The word crack can now be used as a verb to identify the action(s) of a college student. So the businesses that are on college campus should start asking themselves one thing. "Are we CRACK enough to keep up with the next generation of esteemed academics," because I know when I, being a business major, start owning a bunch of entertainment and dining establishments the #1 rule will be that they all have to be open for 24 hrs for the college students. So I know for a fact thet I am CRACK enough, are you?


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