Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arizona State University Undie Run 2010

asu undie run 2010
ASU Undie Run of 2010

Simply put, the Undie Run was amazing. I had just finished up classes yesterday (the day of the undie run), and my last classes of the semester were on the West campus which is quite some ways away from the Tempe campus where the undie run is held. So after quickly pulling a 5 page paper out of my ass and having an exhausting, never-ending day, I didn't think I had enough strength to go and hang out with a bunch of people in my underwear.

Suddenly, I decided to go...

As I sat in my room watching the Colbert Report on my computer, I suddenly went, "You know what? I'm gonna go to that!" and within 5-10 minutes I was out the door with a bag of clothes to donate.

I sped all of the way there, making incredible time in about 20minutes (from the Loop101 and the I-10 to ASU Tempe, which should have taken 30-40min) and I got there just in time for the festivities to start.
hot college students
Simply put, it was awesome! People standing around in their underwear partying in their underwear, I even saw a mash pit for a while. A mash pit! In underwear! And when everyone took off running around 10 o'clock, it was an amazing experience. Never before have a seen such a huge mob of people, and the only thing I could think of is This Is The World's Biggest Circle Pit! And it's pretty easy to keep running when you're following girls like these...

Videos of The ASU Undie Run 2010

I didn't get any footage of the run itself, but here's a few videos from when everyone was partying in the field... (Sorry, I forgot to put my phone on higher resolution)

This event is definitely something to remember. I even participated myself running around in my underwear. At first, it seems weird, taking off your pants in front of a lot of strangers, but after a while, you get comfortable and just have a good time.

Afterwards, everyone went to Mill avenue to party some more.

As for myself, I ended up hanging out with a bunch of people afterward until it got late. Then, my headlights stopped working and I had to hold my high beams on all the way home.

But if you get the chance next time it goes on, don't hesitate in going to the undie run because it is definitely something you won't regret. And if you're school doesn't have one, maybe think about starting one up. It really helps to make the end of the semester feel complete. And after all, it's for a good cause.

Please leave a comment, and if you want to see more videos or pictures, there are plenty on Youtube or on the Facebook page. Just search ASU undie run 2010.


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