Saturday, May 15, 2010

College Graduation

Today was the graduation ceremony for the 2010 graduates of Phoenix College. Among them, I suppose you could include myself. Although I graduated last semester, they don't offer a graduation ceremony for the fall graduates; so they postpone it until the end of the spring semester.

I did not, however, attend. Instead, I went there to see my friend Jenn graduate. And honestly, I don't feel like I missed out on much. There was a lady talking for like an hour and a half, a band playing, and the traditional reading of names. Not my sort of bag, baby.

Besides that fact, I already feel like an ASU student. Although I have only attended one semester so far, it's been such a long journey for me that I already feel like I've long-since moved on from the small-town life of Phoenix College and graduated into a full blown ASU community.

Perhaps I'll attend my graduation for ASU. However, I've got so much further to go. After my bachelor degree, I plan on getting my masters and eventually my PhD. After that, it's likely I still won't quit and will end up going to school for the rest of my life. A simple accomplishment like my associate's degree, which I hardly feel matters in the grand scheme of things, doesn't seem like much to celebrate.

Furthermore, time is just crawling by in my life. Every minute of every day feels like eternity. Every day seems like a distant memory. Every week feels like forever ago. And the concept of years is outside of my scope of understanding at this point. I talk about high school using terms like "back in the day" and "when I was young," though arguably, I haven't grown up a bit.

I often compare this to the feeling of being a child. I remember very well when I was four or five and everyday seemed like it presented an infinite number of possibilities. I feel as though perhaps when we are young, we are much more receptive to the world and so entrenched in our inner thoughts that we have no need for the conceptualization of time until its taught in schools.

This isn't necessarily a new phenomena for me though. My perspective of time has always been horribly skewed. Where by at few times in my life has it ever felt like time just "flew by."

Moving forward and finally reaching goals that seemed just yesterday so far away just seems to unreal to me. It is hard to think that I've accomplished so much and even more unreal to think of how much further I really have to go. College, to me, isn't just a passing phase. From the way I look at it, college is life. And to me, it seems like it will never end. And with that thought, I'm never horribly disappointed.

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