Monday, May 3, 2010

College, High School 2.0?

For some people, college life seems a lot like high school 2.0. They seem to get lost in lyrics like "high school never ends" and think nostalgically back to when life was much more simple. Well, I guess in some ways they are right. And maybe for some people it's even more true. However, my life only seems to change for the better.

There have been a lot of sacrifices along the way. For one, one of my best friends, Jonathan (also known as JT to distinguish him from the other Jonathan I know), who has been my best friend for most of my life, never quite evolved with me. I went off to college, and he stayed where he was at, making desperate attempts to get off the ground. (He's doing a lot better now!) Yet, still, he's often running into some of the same barriers he had a couple years ago; still trying to figure out how to get his post-secondary educational career going or what his other options are.

Bowling For Soup:
High School Never Ends
For me, it was easy. My parents always valued my education, and they seemed to have had the resources to support me, despite the fact that I never hear them stop bitching about money. For my first semester of college, I was lucky enough to have several thousands of dollars of inheritance from my grandma's death, most of which went toward a new laptop and other random bullshit. However, I had enough left over that I could afford to pay for my own school. Up through the time that I graduated from Phoenix College, my parents paid my tuition. Now, I rely on student loans to pay a ridiculously high $6000-7000 a semester tuition. (God, I'm glad I'm not out of state!)

During this course of time, I've done a lot of growing up and a lot of quite the opposite (let's say, perhaps, growing down?). I've matured in ways that allow me to take care of myself and be responsible, but I've honestly rediscovered my inner child out there. Turns out, he was hiding right in plain sight.

I moved out at one point, moved in with a girl, got in a lot of fights, broke up, moved out. We did the whole awkward haven't-seen-you-in-a-long-time-since-the-break-up when we completely by chance had the same guitar class, and ever since then I've pretty much ignored her. Ha!

I've gotten lots of friends, lost many. I've managed to make very few enemies and the enemies I did make, I made up with. And I feel bad sometimes cause some of my friends keep getting left behind. They either grow up without me or they act more like a kid than myself and end up in melodrama which leads to groups splitting apart into separate, harder-to-manage groups of people.

high school yearbook
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Is college high school 2.0?

Well, you've got your jocks, you got your stoners, you got your occasional emo kids, and then you've got me. I don't know what the hell I am, and I don't really care. So I guess you could say, yea... it kind of is like high school 2.0.


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