Thursday, May 6, 2010

A College Sized Appetite

Despite popular belief, pizza isn't the only thing that college students enjoy to eat. Many students enjoy pitas, which are rather popular. Tacos are always a favorite. Many are vegetarians and will only eat certain things, while others will eat just about anything you put in front of their faces.

Either way, college is a time to experience eating to the fullest. After going through high school where most of your friends are poor and have no money to eat out, no car to drive to far-off restaurants, and eating the same old crap all the time, you find that you still have no money and no car, but you still find a way to eat exotic foods and try new things.

One of my great food adventures took place with my friend Issac. After being introduced to Gus's Pizza next to campus by my friend Fox, we knew that was a place we would end up again. Why? Because they have a 32" pizza!

This pizza was enormous, and we could hardly believe that this sort of thing was available right off of campus. To put it in perspective (for all those not good at math), 32" is only a few inches short of a yard stick. The pizza fit almost completely across the table and the box did not fit in the garbage when we were done.

When we first came here, my friend Thunder was there with us. The four of us easily tore through this 32" monster. However, the second time we came, Thunder wasn't with us, and Fox was doing some cleanse thing and couldn't eat anything. So Isaac and I bravely took on the 32" challenge to see if we could finish it.

There was no prize involved. This was just him and I battling for the pride of being able to actually do this. But we didn't know how hard this honor would be to achieve!

After a good 30 minutes of chowing down on pizza, at least a third of it was still left and our stomachs were screaming at our brains to STOP! Every bite felt like I was eating a mountain of food, and each and every time I chewed I could feel the pain in my stomach growing slightly. The water helped a lot, and every so often I got up to do jumping jacks! (Yea, Fox thought I was crazy, too!)

After a long hard fight, we were down to just a few slices. It took a lot of convincing ourselves, but we eventually did it.

Suprisingly, the next day, I felt fine. I had a good 10 minutes session in the bathroom, and then that was it for the day. However, the day following that was HELL! Suddenly, my insides felt like they might burst, and my stomach was very angry at me. I began running to the bathroom to eject waste out of both sides of my body and was even losing consciousness! That's right, I would wake up and within 2 minutes I would be unconscious again. I would try so hard to stay awake, but it just wasn't happening. I could usually only stay awake long enough to make it to the bathroom and back.

Moral of this story? If you're gonna tackle a 32" pizza with a friend, buy some pepto bismal.


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