Saturday, May 29, 2010

College Work for the Summer

Lots of students live off their Fafsa money or grants/scholarships. Or like me, many live off their loans throughout the semester. But when Summer comes along, unless you're taking Summer school, those things no longer apply. For the students who work throughout the semester, money is no problem. They usually already have homes or apartments and don't need to pick up extra money over the summer. But for the rest of us, the Summer means financial hardships.

I, myself, live with my parents right now. Why? Because I simply decided that paying rent SUCKS! You work your butt off 20-40 sometimes 50 hours a week depending on how crazy you are and find that you simply don't ever have any money because $600-900/month is going to rent alone! Add simple things like internet, food, toiletries, et cetera, and you're gonna have to have a roommate. And even then, you probably don't have all that much to spend. Of all your money you make, you probably get to spend about ten percent of it, assuming you work enough hours and get paid a decent-for-not-having-a-degree-yet salary. And by the time you're done working your ass off all the time, you probably just want to waste that money on booze and cigarettes.

Well, I tried couch hopping before. Not so bad. I've tried living in my car... that sucks... at least during the Summer, and year-round if you have a tiny vehicle. And I tried living in an apartment, but the above problem kept making it horrible. So, I decided to go ahead and move back home with my folks, even though they are on the very outskirts of town. Even still, I need money, and I DON'T want another lame job.

What I do for money is... well... get creative. Right now, I'm cleaning my parents' horridly disastrous garage because I know that later it will be my ticket to getting gas money and other money off of them. Last Summer, I ended up helping my friends with their new house and renovating it a couple times which kept me financially sustained for a good while. I've also tried playing guitar at first fridays and even outside of gas stations. And I've donated plasma. If it came down to it, I would honestly stand on a street corner with a sign that says "need work." I don't really care. I will do just about any job so long as I don't have to work for another horribly wretched corporation.

Honestly, can't stand it! They suck! You end up working your ass off for a crappy wage that the government takes 1/6th of, and you get marched around all over the place doing jobs that are either boring or back-breaking, and you never get to do any of the easy or interesting jobs because your bosses take those jobs right away. On top of it, you'd be lucky if you ever got to work with anyone nice, chances are you'll never get promoted, you're annual pay raise is less than the annual increase for cost-of-living, and by the end of every day you're completely hating life because your job sucks so horribly and you don't have any money to show for it.

Seriously. You don't make any decisions. You get paid crap. And your job sucks!

For the Summer, I'm not working at some crappy company ever again! I'm a self-employed imagineer. I imagine ways to make money, and then I make them happen!


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