Friday, May 14, 2010

Friends: Growing and Shrinking

I can't honestly recall all the people I've met at college, but I can say it's been a lot. When I first started going to Phoenix College, I didn't know anybody. I hardly even knew anyone in my class and was kind of shy in my approach to getting new college friends. It had been quite a while since I was left to fend for myself and meet new people because for years prior, there was always at least a handful of my friends there. But here, I had to strike out completely on my own.

My first group of friends was this group of people who used to hang out by the coffee cart. In fact, the girl who ran the coffee cart was one of the first people I met. Surprisingly, at of nowhere, she said, "Hey what's up?" and from there, we became really good friends. Then, I met a whole bunch of other people ranging from a theater major to some Russian girl who would say "What the Heeeeell" which was really funny the way she would say it.

After my first semester, however, I began branching off in different directions. I ended up meeting a guy named Justin who was fuckin' crazy and weird as all fuck. He was obsessed with guns and war (much like Thunder was back in highschool), and he knew just about everyone it seemed. Through him, I met most of my most important friends today. I met Corina first. Then, I saw Travis but never really talked to him a lot cause he always looked angry. And then I met Amanda, and through her, Vinancia. And through her, her boyfriend Javi and their friend Jarrad. And then I found out that they all knew each other.

I eventually made extensive efforts to pull that group of people with another group I failed to mention, and it went over very successfully. However, after about a half a year of non-stop partying, it seems like most people have gone their separate ways and never recovered. Never-the-less, I will keep the party alive in my own heart and never stop having fun.


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