Friday, April 1, 2011

Hanging Out With the Guys

Before I went to college, I never did much of "hanging out with the guys." Certainly, I had a lot of guy friends. In fact, the large majority of my friends were guys. However, on an every day basis, I would only see one or two of them, and at a few points in my life, JT was the only of them that I would see more than once a month.

However, after beginning my college career, I was quickly introduced to a whole new group of friends. And before I knew it, I was hanging out with them every day. Life was great, and I had never had such a consistent group of people to hang out with before. These days, the group is very much divided and we very rarely all meet in one place anymore, but 2 years ago, we would all hang out all the time, and it was very common that all of my closest friends would all be in the same room.

We used to give each other a lot of crap, especially us guys. (even then, we outnumbered the girls.) Some of my fondest memories are actually when I was with my ex girlfriend. Not because we had necessarily the best relationship, but I suppose that's because those were the points in my life when I was freest and when my friends were closest.

My ex Tara and I used to be all lovey-dovey all the time in front of our friends (at least for the first two months we were together), and my friends would often play jokes and mess around with us and these times were quickly known as "moments."

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This is definitely one of those moments I will never forget. Obviously, Thunder and Fox were giving me complete crap about always having moments with my at-the-time girlfriend Tara, but it wasn't mean or anything like that; we all gave each other crap all the time. It's a guy thing! It's like when you're younger and you fight with your siblings, I suppose. Sometimes, it's a bonding experience. (Oppose to a bondage experience! Ha!)

Here's what happened later that night...

Yep, I suppose you could say we've had a lot of great times. But we still have a lot of great adventures together... just not so much as a group anymore. The last big adventure we had was Flagstaff, but I will talk about that another time.


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