Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Momentary Distraction For The Chaos Of Way Too Much Work!

Here I am, momentarily distracting myself from the general monotony of the overwhelming oppressiveness of finals! I sincerely can't believe I have made it this far! From being horribly disorganized and overwhelmingly stressed out, having way too much to do and not enough time, I have somehow managed to squeeze by another semester. I may, for many reasons, end up getting poor grades for my Comparative Government class, but I will undoubtedly pass, as I did do the 5 page extra credit assignment, and so I may need to retake that course next semester if things don't look good on my final. However, as far as the rest of my classes are concerned, I'm fairly certain that I'm getting B's and A's in all of them! This is, of course, the usual trend. Getting C's is a very uncommon happening in my education, but with taking on 5 courses instead of my usual 4 as well as now being a junior, I have found that school has become a lot more challenging. (Who ever knew that writing 10 page papers can be so much work!?)

Over the past couple of days, I have gone through hell. From having 2 french finals, an american government final, and a comparative government final, on top of a five page paper, a 10 page paper, an 8-10 page paper, and 3 very difficult 4 page papers, I have been absolutely exhausted non-stop and ready to quit at every turn, but somehow, I manage to kick my own ass (figuratively?) and get going. And now, I have finished all except for the 10 page paper for my American Government class and the actual written final which should be multiple choice and no problem no problem.

As far as the 10 page paper goes, that's not part of my final, I was just never able to complete it. So I find it personally imperative that I turn it in TODAY (which means at around 230) because despite the fact that he is very easy to deal with as far as teachers go, I don't know how relaxed he will actually end up being on the deadline and how much penalty I will have for turning in a paper like a month late!!!

Never-the-less, I had a lot written out already, I took exactly what he told me to do and just went ahead and did it, which made it SO much easier. That was, by the way, to go on wikipedia and see what they had. It gave me the name of the Congressmen that sponsored the bill I'm writing about, which very quickly lead me to a lot of quotes from the proponents of the bill, and I also got a few very good articles from wiki that were all a click away. It also helped me to define what exactly the bill was and what it did.

Taking what I already had (I had saved on my computer two separate attempts at the paper), I cut out the fat and left a nice huge paragraph from each to combine, and then I went quickly away, typing up this paper in remarkable time. If the other papers I was doing were going this fast, I would have been able to sleep a little in the past couple days....


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