Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picking Your Major In College

One of the things that an overwhelming number of people have a hard time doing in college is picking their major. I've known plenty of people who have graduated from a community college without having any idea what their major will be and still change it at a major university.

As for myself, I had gone through a similar phase of not knowing what I want to do. I've taken a very wide variety of classes simply because they sounded fun, and especially since I ended up with an extra semester of credits that couldn't transfer, a lot of those classes were really quite unnecessary.

I've done classes for marketing and thought it was pretty fun, but decided it was far too evil of a profession for me to pursue. I thought maybe a job in journalism or something to that effect might be neat, but quickly relinquished that idea. Then, I thought, perhaps being an author would be pretty cool, but I suppose I never really stuck to that either. I've taken many music classes and thought a lot about being a music major, but I decided there was more important things to be studied. Same with language. After all, I had taken French, Japanese, and Spanish. The thought definitely had crossed my mind. But ultimately, I decided to go with political science.

The choice wasn't all too difficult. After having taken several years of classes and been through many different subjects, I already knew which ones were interesting to me and which weren't. The choice ultimately came down to what I thought would have a greater impact on the world. And that was politics.

Several years ago, I probably would have seen myself in some field like philosophy or something to that effect. But I like politics a lot, and I find it very interesting how everything works in the political world. More so, I will probably end up just going back for all the degrees I wanted and never got anyway! So there's really nothing wrong with focusing on this one for now.

For a lot of people, choosing their major is about what is most practical, but trust me, that's not nearly as important as doing something you enjoy. Even if you have a crazy dream like being a broadway legend, just go for it! There's no reason to spend 2-10 years in college studying something you don't really care too much about just because it makes you a lot of money and then throwing away your childish dreams just because you think you're too grown up to enjoy life. Just give a shot! What's the worse that will happen, really?


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