Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Special Request to My Readers

To be honest with you, even with all the data collecting devices that I use to track website traffic (feebdurner, google analytics, google webmasters, blogger), I still only have a very vague idea of how many readers are actually dedicated readers. I know I have "followed" a site or two without actually keeping up with it because I thought I might, and I'm sure most people who become dedicated readers don't even bother.

But never-the-less, I do know that one aspect of my site has been horribly, horribly under-appreciated, and that is that I not only allow but encourage readers to send in their own college stories or experiences. Maybe even just their thoughts about college life. ANYTHING. Because I had hoped when making this site to have it present a vast and diverse perspective on college life, and yet, I find myself alone in the venture.

I'm sure once the site picks up and I start getting some ridiculous amount of people coming here on a daily basis, I will get at least an occasional submission. However, until then, I'm afraid I pretty much have to BEG for it. So if you don't mind, please send a submission to or click the Submit Your Story button and add a comment for submission so that I can help to provide a diverse and wide perspective of college life.

You can make multiple entries.
It doesn't have to be long.
I can be about just about anything.
And it makes you cool... just do it!


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