Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Vacation

It's time for Summer Vacation! Since the early days of elementary school, Summer Vacation has been something to look forward to. Some people end up taking Summer classes (as I did once or twice), but in general, it's a time to recuperate and just relax. Lots of people get jobs over the Summer.... not me!

People often wonder, Where the hell do you get money? Well, it's simple really... I don't really know. Part of it comes from donating plasma (very lucrative activity). Some of it comes from helping people with projects like Jenn and Wesley building their house. Some of it comes from playing guitar at first fridays. But in general, I don't have any definite source of income. I'm constantly in a state of brokeness, at least until next Fall when I get more student loans.

But it's ok because for about a year now, I've been living at home again. And although it's really far from EVERYTHING therefore requiring me to have reliable transportation to get to and from my friends' houses, I don't have to pay any rent or anything like that. The main thing is, I don't want a real job!

I've had jobs. I've had plenty of jobs. I've worked at Traffic Research and Analysis (yawn!), Wal-Mart (OMG!!!! KILL ME!), Target (Seriously? Stop yelling at me! I'm not gonna work any faster!), Hot Topic (What the fuck is my job here? Am I really just supposed to fold shirts?) and CVS (I'm so freakin' tired of being a corporate slave!). I've seriously been there and done that, and I've even worked for a week at a Persian restaurant.

However, there is nothing more invigorating than being an entrepreneur, especially when you're not even entirely sure what your business is...
Are you a street musician?
Are you a construction worker?
Are you an opportunist?

Who knows! Who cares! As long as you have enough money to stay afloat until the next big chapter of your life happens by, who honestly gives a shit?

But over the Summer, I also have lots of different things planned, including researching the upcoming Arizona Congressmen and figuring out how to easily distribute that information. I'm also planning on working on Democratic Economics, which a project I'm doing for personal pleasure regarding the restructuring of businesses. And I plan on prepping for school next semester so I'm totally on top of everything and get 5 straight A's. HELL YEA!

More than anything, I hope that I can finally hang out with friends again. This semester has been such a huge dampener on my personal time. And although I still had plenty of time to party, sometimes, I had to spend a week or two at a time not seeing anyone.

Summer Vacation, here I come!


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