Sunday, May 23, 2010

Surviving College

There are many ways to survive college. A lot of people stress out about college, and rightfully so. I, myself, tend to do this sometimes, and I'm almost always pretty laid back about things. College, despite how exciting it is, can be very difficult at times.

For some people, they have to work a full time job and go to school full time at the same time. This was the case for one of my friends Spencer. At Phoenix College, I got to know him because he and I were the only two in that class that didn't really need to be there. When I got into Phoenix College, I ended up only taking the intermediate math exam and never took the advanced math exam because I was uncertain how much I really remembered throughout all those years. So, consequentially, I ended up in a math class that didn't give much challenge. (Though honestly, math is one of my best subjects anyway.)

He and I used to sit in the back of the class and just joke around all period. There didn't seem to be any point in really paying attention because every concept he would teach, I would understand pretty automatically. I mean, after all, I am a conceptual learner. Then, the next several class periods would most likely be followed with everyone utterly confused and asking questions. At times, I would actually go up to the board personally and demonstrate the problem in my own way. That's how frustrating it would be!

But I'm getting off topic now. Spence used to work at Target. He was some kind of late-night manager person, and he eventually got me a job there, too. It was awful! The job didn't pay well, and I found myself doing not much else other than sleeping, going to work, and going to school. The going to school part was fine, but I hated the fact that I was always at work and that my job was lame as all hell.

Spence was much like this, too, except he eventually figured out how to throw video games in the mix. So I wasn't actually ever able to hang out with him again after classes ended because he was still always so busy. As for myself, I ended up quitting that job. I hated it with a passion.

I've also tried several alternative methods of living. I've done some couch-hopping in my days, using my parents' house a central storage facility that I would go back to sometimes as infrequently as once every two weeks. And then I would just stay at various friends' houses and party like a rock star.

I've also tried having my own apartment with a girlfriend... let's just say I've been single for a while. I kept the job for a half a year longer than I kept my girlfriend, but I loathed every damn minute of that place. I used to take an unhealthy amount of caffeine sometimes just to make the day go faster.

For a while, I tried living in my car. I showered at friends' houses and a gym I got a student rate for. But for the most part, I fell back into nomadic trends and eventually moved back with my parents. My friend Travis, on the other hand, until he finally gave in to staying with his girlfriend all the time ended staying in his car a lot more than I had. Though, in all fairness, his car is like 10x more comfortable to sleep in than mine is!

People find many different ways of making it through college. These days, I'm hoping to get a free ride on my student loans and get a dorm even. I don't know if its too late for next semester, but we'll see. Why do it that way? Because life is so much simpler when you let the government pay for everything.


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