Friday, May 28, 2010

Things College Students Like part 3

College students love computer commons. Whether you're at a community college or whether you're at a university, you will undoubtedly find tons of students randomly clicking away. In fact, at peak hours, it can be hard to find a free computer. At ASU, there has been times when I had to go to several computer locations just to find a computer!

So what is it that college students do on these computers?

Well, sometimes, you'll actually see students doing legit work like essays or something to that effect, but a lot of time, you see them just wasting their lives away on facebook or myspace, for some reason, chatting with friends, commenting pictures and--oh god!--answering stupid surveys and lists. At least there isn't as much "myspace" drama as there was in high school... or I suppose these days its "facebook" drama because facebook seems to be the popular one now. Like my friend Thunder likes to ask if things are "facebook official" as to which I picked up on because it was funny.

Some people, though, like myself, like to visit facebook as seldom as possible. There is still plenty to do on the internet! In fact, in my page labeled "other sites" I have a site I made called Honorable Mention that has a lot of interesting things.

Some people like to watch youtube videos. Some like to play games. Some watch tv shows. (I myself like to watch the Colbert Report and Daily Show online.) The possibilities are endless, really.

The thing I hate is not when computers are unavailable because one usually opens up relatively quick, but when people needlessly use up computer space. Like people with laptops sitting at computers so they can be next to their friends. Or worse! People sitting at computers checking out what their friends are doing on the computer while taking up an available computer space. D=<

Well... whatever... there are still plenty of things to do on campus besides utilizing the internet. So it's not really that big of a deal.... (unless I need to do an essay. -.- )


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