Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things That College Students Like part 2

College students really take to smoking. Not all. Probably not even most. But quite a few college students love smoking. Smoking in college really comes in three different varieties: cigarettes/cigars, weed, and hookah.

I have plenty of friends, myself, who smoke or have smoked in the past. I myself used to smoke. I've had friends that are pack-a-day smokers, and then some who just like to smoke weed. I've got some friends like my friend Jonathan Singh who is a casual smoker and enjoys the occasional hookah, as do I, myself.

Smoking is very appealing to young college students for several reasons. One important reason is that most people join college when they are just barely "of age." For the first time in their lives, they have the legal option to smoke or to not. Smoking is a hell of a lot more appealing when  you don't have to worry about getting busted for it.

The other thing is that, let's face it: it's college! College is the time of your life when you're SUPPOSE to try knew things. You're supposed to experience things and be crazy. Screw responsibility and being a goody-tu-shoes. This is freakin' college!

And finally, perhaps the most convincing reason of all is that once they've tried smoking a couple of times, they begin to quickly realize the social properties of smoking. Personally, I have had some great conversations just sitting around a table, relaxing, and enjoying the fruity taste of a very shag-a-delic hookah. I've struck up completely random conversations with people I would have never known if I didn't have a cigarette in my hand at the time. And I've even had some good memories passing back and forth a pipe before... on a rare occasion, though.

My point is, smoking is sort of a college bonding experience in a way that drinking never can be (mostly because drinking distorts your reality).

I do have to say though, cigarettes are not worth it. One day, you'll wake up and realize that you smoke every day and that you breath smells, your clothes smell, and that cigarette in your hand totally doesn't help when it comes to picking up ladies--let's face it, some girls don't mind dating smokers, but all girls don't mind dating a non-smoker!

If you're in college and you decide, "what the hey--!" then I say, go ahead and see what smoking is all about, but be a casual smoker and don't get hooked... cause being addicted to things just sucks.


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