Monday, May 17, 2010

Toilet Stalls On Campus

I was always amazed by toilet stalls on campus. To me, they've always been a very interesting place because it was like an open forum in which anyone could say anything. And nobody would know who anybody is. People could go by code names or not give any kind of identity at all. One person could even use multiple pens and have a conversation with himself and make it look like 3 or 4 people. You wouldn't even know!

I tried experimenting with the campus toilet stalls a couple of times. I would try imposing a couple of political questions, but never a response. I tried even posing statements that would insight some kind of reaction, but usually only got snide remarks back. Oddly enough, it seems as though people are only likely to respond to things that represent some kind of social order.

One such example of this is that on ASU campus, they often have "Fuck Greek Life" written in very large letters in the bathrooms. Quite a universal sentiment, it seems. Although I can't honestly imagine why anyone would have anything in particular against any of the frats, I honestly can't say I myself even care for them all too much. I'd never go so far as to write anything vulgar about them, but I guess I could kind of see where they're coming from, maybe?

I also never understood people who legitimately "tag" in the bathroom. You know, gang signs and all that. It just doesn't make sense. Perhaps taking a neighborhood wall or a street sign, that kind of makes sense cause that's saying "hey, this is our turf," but do gangs honestly want to be associated with taking a crap? Is someone gonna come take a squat in the stall next to me and offer drugs from under the stall? I highly doubt it. I don't even think they'd be stupid enough to hold a gang meeting on campus, for that matter. Besides that fact, I imagine it's very hard to "represent" when you've got a GED. It just kind of makes you an outcast doesn't it?

The other thing is these little stickers they've got all over the place telling you to wash your hands. I don't know if it really has any kind of positive effect on anyone, though, besides just making people more germaphobic.


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