Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleep Deprivation and Honey!

Okay, so I'm totally sleep deprived because I stayed up all night. Originally, I had intended to get a ridiculous amount of things done overnight, and although I made some good progress, the two red bulls I took and the lack of sleep et cetera, combined with the fact that I slept all day and thus had to be quiet all night, PLUS fighting off the urge to go buy Filiberto's in the middle of the night, WHICH by the way, I ended up driving down there twice and turning back because I realized it was just a bad idea. -.-;;; But DAMN those tacos are sooo delicious! OMG! I could eat them forever!

Anyway... there is no honey in this story... just lots of sleep-deprived rambling. And you might be all like.... why don't you put this in your blog about rambling?... and I'd be all like ROASTED BUNNY IS DELICIOUS! and then we'd get nowhere so let's just go ahead and skip that step and assume that everything is as it should be, right?

Annnnywhooo... honestly, I didn't get around to applying for any scholarships last night. I realized that it's much easier to apply for scholarships when you can print out the application. But I did locate some old letters of recommendation that never got shipped off and am hoping to get that done PRONTO! I saved a whole bunch of forms and stuff on my computer desktop in a file that says "SCHOLARSHIPS!" so that I totally know exactly where to find them all. >o>;;

On that note.... I also had a good time laying out a story I had in my head for some time. For those of you who know me, and perhaps even some that don't, you shouldn't be surprised it's a story about a ninja. I am highly contemplating having my friend Corina make it into a manga series when I'm all done with it and stuff, which won't be a for a while, but I don't know how she'd feel about it. Perhaps she'd get all real excited like and then we could totally sell it to Viz or something and they could rip us off like all other first-time manga artists! =3

But that's just a side project for now. The synopsis covers all the important story plots that I wanted to fit in the story in a very vague language with specific details where I want to remember very specific things. Other than that, the synopsis is so vague that the characters don't even have names. Try writing a 2 page synopsis of a story where your main character is just called "our hero" over and over again. Eventually I had to switch it up and start calling him things that are a little more creative like "the young ninja" and such. Never-the-less, I think it's a good start.

Other than that, I spent an EXORBITANT amount of time last night improving this website! =3 Don't you guys just love me? (Probably not... one minute I'm yelling at you for not commenting enough, and the next minute I'm asking for praise. =s ) At any rate, I ended up moving some things around because I thought they might look nicer where I set them, and most importantly, I accomplished something I've been meaning to do for quite some time, which is fix up the pages links. Before, they were like just random floating words above every post, but NOW, they are random floating words in boxes that highlight when you put your mouse over them. I was horrified at how simple it was to alter the style of the pages links, where I had spent so many hours trying to figure it out. Figrues....

But after much consideration and experimentation, I finally ended up on something I felt was good and not over the top. I had made some other more complicated alterations, but they ended up just being distracting and making it look kind of weird.

I also improved the Google Webmaster Sitemap feature, which helps to let google know which pages of yours it should index so that people can come find me here. d_d

And finally, I improved the COMMENT button on the bottom. Yes, now you can click the BIG RED BUTTON below every post that says ADD YOUR COMMENT right there below each and every page! and tell me how you like the new layout and what you think I could do to improve it.

Thanks guys! ^.~


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