Sunday, June 6, 2010

Things College Students Like part 4

Just about every college student loves it. If they didn't drink it in the past, they may just start. There is a huge scene surrounding coffee in college. In addition to the much-needed boost of energy that coffee provides for those late night cram sessions, coffee is also a great get-up-and-go for those early morning classes. Le cafe is also a popular place to meet up with friends, study, and what-have-you.

College students are undoubtedly the biggest consumers of over-priced lattes and double espresso mocha swirls. Some have crazy drinks they love to order at their local Starbucks with insane-sounding names like double mocha mochiado frapachino. What the hell does that even mean? While others prefer the small-town local scene of quaint little shops like Copper Star and a hot steaming cup of joe.

There is also much stigma associated with coffee. Where you buy your coffee could let the "cool" kids know if you're "in." If you come walking up to your group of local  liberals with a Starschmucks in your hand, they just might give you funny looks, while if you come strolling along to your bros with a cup of BK hot-n-ready, you might end up walking away to the theme song of laughter.

Myself, I don't really care. Coffee is coffee. If you're one of those kinds a guys that likes to get your caffeine fix from Starbucks and knows all the crazy and exotic-sounding ways of making a simple coffee a very complicated drink, that's great--more power to you! And if you're one of those coffee snobs that rants on about how Starbucks is an evil mind-controlling corporation bent on brainwashing impressionable young youth and stealing our women... sure... that's great. Keep it up... I guess. Or if you're one of those people that simply REFUSES to pay $6 for a simple drink that you probably could have whipped up yourself at home for a fraction of the cost, then I hope you have a big mug because you can't really carry your coffee maker around with you, now can you?

I like coffee. Coffee is great. Even bad coffee is good. I'll still drink it.

Also, wow! When you drink three pots of coffee at work, the time really flies!


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