Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Do College Students Do Over the Summer Break?

You know... I don't really know. I suppose some of them go out and get jobs. Others, like me, laze around until the next semester comes along. Some travel (rich bastards!). Some... idk... I guess there's really limitless possibilities, including Summer School. But for me... I rediscover the kid in me!

Today, I just re-beat Pokemon Gold Version for Gameboy Color. Yep, that's right. Old school! Like this was the second generation of pokemon games to even come out (if you consider yellow to be part of the first, which people seem to). In fact, I ownd that game so hard that I beat Trainer Red (pokemon level 75-85) with my gimp level 55-60 pokemon. Granted, I had been perfecting that team since hour 1, and it was a very close match. But what matters is that I total just owned the hell out of that game!

Yep! And I'm totally excited about it too.

This is what I do for my Summer: I have fun. I enjoy myself. No reason to spend the whole year having heart attacks over exams, homework and test scores.


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