Friday, July 9, 2010

Alright, School is Almost Here

And I still don't know how I'm going to pay for it! Yeep!

So almost all of my tuition (minus $83) will be covered by my student loans, while my dorm room simply won't be. I signed up for it some time back, and I figured I would get the loans to cover it. That was back before I knew that it has a maximum on it, which just so happens to be... well... my whole tuition. Which means, I'm left to pay for room and board on my own.

So now, I've gone and canceled the $2,000 food plan (fuck eating anyway!), and I've even looked into canceling the room reservation, but it so happens that I will be out $600-700 just by doing that, and if I'm gonna be forking out that kind of money, I might as well just fork out the whole $2000 and at least have my own place to stay!

Either way, I'm gonna have an extra $83 not covered by my loans, gas and car insurance payments I can't make (which won't be so necessary if I have a dorm, but either way I'll need a public transportation pass and/or a parking pass which is way expensive!), a $125 non-refundable housing confirmation fee, and two more classes to buy books for, not to mention I'm going to probably perpetually owe my dad money for the rest of my life! And that's just the basics of it all.

I'm not even sure if I have a dorm, though! They might have filled up, and I haven't received any information at all. I will soon though. They'll either tell me, hey, you're living here now. Or they'll tell me, yea... we don't got shit for you. Either way, it's gonna suck for me because on the one hand, I get to live on campus, live out the semester, and even if I can't afford to eat anything, will at least have a jolly good time; but on the other hand, I'll only have to pay the $125 of that $2000 fee but may not be able to attend school again for a long time because of a lack of being able to pay that off.

I think if it really came down to it, I'd probably just take out a private loan with the intention of never paying it off, and then I'd just have bad credit and collectors after me for the rest of my life, and I'd be like, "kiss my ass!" because I've got goals in live, and I'm not gonna let those butt-sniffers stand in my way!

Either way... no matter what happens... I sure hope my parents are nice enough to bail me out... or anyone for that matte. And there's always the chance one of those scholarships will come through for me! =D But then again....

Let's just wait and see. I'll let you guys know as soon as I do.


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