Thursday, July 1, 2010

How It All Began

Okay, so I realized the other day, this is actually my second near-death experience. The first wasn't as traumatic though. The first time was when I had stayed awake for several days and then attempted to drive home, but what ended up happening is that I fell asleep on the freeway at 65mph and woke up to a wall of stopped cars!--(Damned Arizona freeways!) With that one, I woke up just in time to slam on my breaks and avoid a "major" accident, but still managed to screech into the back of someone's bumper. Dang!

This new one is just as much my fault as the last one. It was caused by a lack of regard for safe situations and and underestimating of my own tolerance. It all began when my friend Travis turned 21 last Friday. It was a time to celebrate, of course. There was Everclear in the fridge from who knows when, and everyone seemed to be encouraging me to drink more, especially Thunder who was already getting pretty drunk on his ice tea. I didn't really seem to mind because I figured I'd be trashed by the end of the night anyway. I just had completely seem to forgot how unbelievably potent Everclear actually is. Instead of drinking it like someone ought to drink Everclear, I drank it like it was normal vodka, and after finishing the portable bottle I brought along for the walk and throwing it to the ground, everything went black.

Apparently, during the rest of that time, I suddenly, not gradually, began to stumble about and fall over, followed by chasing some polar bears in need of saving, drooling on people, passing out, and falling into things really hard. Needless to say, after being pushed around, slapped around, thrown into a car like a rag doll, and even handled by few Turkish people that stopped to help, I woke up in the hospital beaten, battered and horribly confused.

I thought I was only ought since the night before. It was 9am, and so I figured I had slept it off, but apparently I had a blood/alcohol level of .34 (4x the legal limit), and was on the verge of death had they not brought me in. So they kept me out until that following Sunday, and then I had to stay a whole extra day, complete with mind numbing drugs, embarrassing bed service, and quite possibly the most traumatic experience of my life. No joke!--They actually gave me a medicine to prevent stomach ulcers specifically because of the trauma that is caused from hospital experiences.

Well, I learned to walk again, I've driven a few times since which hasn't been the same again, and I really was able to see the world more beautifully for at least a few days. But now, I suppose, everything seems kind of back to normal, and except for the fact that I'm still in a lot of pain in a few places and that I have felt extremely dizzy and tired for the past couple days, life seems pretty much the same. I've definitely learned my lesson about drinking hard liquors. I will probably never drink to get drunk again. And most importantly, this whole experience, as horrible and traumatic as it was, has definitely at least brought some excitement to my otherwise dull summer vacation. And that's important.


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