Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Computers in the Library Are All Full! Dammit ASU! Get Your Shit Together!

Its another glorious day with triple digit temperatures. Just about everyone here, including myself, is crossing their fingers that it will soon stop being so smoldering hot here.

Everything in my classes is going fine, and so far, I love ASU just as much as I did last semester. I'm still waiting around for the first official Model United Nations of Arizona State University meeting; however, as of now, there is no word on it.

I suppose the only thing I can really complain about is how awful the computers are at ASU. Today, I went into the library to go and do some studying and related things and went to the new computer overflow area, but for reasons unexplained, they decided that today was a good reason to close it. I'm fine with them closing it; it's probably for a good reason like cleaning or something related. However, shouldn't they specify a bit so that it's a little less frustrating that my favorite computer hotspot is unavailable.

Looking at the other options, I quickly realized that all the bottom-level computers were taken up and was forced to go find some random computer on higher floors (of which there aren't many). Alternatively, I could have gone out in the heat and searched around for another computer place (like the COOR building or the computer commons), but all-in-all, I would probably have rather forgone the computer entirely and just stuck to doing work I can do without one.

For as many students as ASU has and for how much it costs to go here, you think they could at least try doing us the favor of figuring out how to make the computers start up in less than 10 minutes or instead of spending thousands of dollars on uprgading all the systems to Windows 7 trying to make computers more available on campus.

It's not really a big deal, to be honest. Despite how few computers there actually are per student, there typically tends to be at least one or two computers available at all times, despite all the random idiots sitting their on facebook for 2 hours straight hogging up the interwebs for themselves while people that actually have something they would like to get done, like myself, have to sit and wait for their dumb ass to stop commenting on people's status, which probably could be just as easily done over text messages. (fuckers!)


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