Friday, August 27, 2010

I Got Cited on Mill Avenue for Urinating in Public and Proceeded to Get a Traffic Violation

The semester is rolling forward quite nicely. My classes aren't much harder this semester; the knowledge gained from previous semesters contributes to my ability to understand new concepts in my higher level classes. However, I am still a good deal busier this semester than in previous ones. This is mostly do to a personal ambition which is driving me to work hard and understand my materials, even before the class arrives at that point. This, in turn, will undoubtedly make the latter part of the semester much easier, so much so that I may end up just taking a breather for a week or two when that time comes around.

On top of school and other problematic responsibilities, I'm still feeling the heat from my traffic violation and my citation for... er... urinating in public! Yea, that's right. I was drunk up on Mill and got slammed with the consequences of not holding it in. Oh well! That makes for a more interesting and colorful college experience. After all, if everything was always fine and dandy, I'd most likely have to create chaos just to appease my excitement-hungry attention span. Of course other things could make life more interesting in positive ways, but as of so far, it's mostly just bad.

However, I'm already signed up for my defensive driving course, and I'm scheduled to do some community service tomorrow. That all in sight, I might have this whole issue out of my hair in just a matter of days. The last piece to the puzzle would be to get my dad to help me out on the "failure to wear a seat belt" charge which is utter crap anyway.


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  1. What happened with your urinating in public charge? I just got the same charge last weekend.