Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Can't Get a Break

School is starting in little over a week; I'm moving out of my parent's house and in with a friend; and I've got some time to serve!

It seems that tuition really is getting out of hand. Not only do I not have money left over after my loan, I am actually short on how much I need, which means that I have to stay in the fetal position at my parents' feet to hope that they are generous enough to throw a little money my way so I can pay off the rest of my tuition, buy a bus card, and even just to get a $30 locker to put my crap in while I'm at school. This would have all been a beautiful, easy-going, happy experience if the government weren't so damn stingy. Don't they know that, if nothing else, I'm at least SUPPOSED to pay back my student loans at some point? So why are they getting me a limit to how much I can take out?

To make matters worse, as if it were any kind of surprise or anything new, I haven't heard back from a single scholarship I applied for. It's like that long job-application process where you spent the entire day wandering around a shopping center needlessly filling out the same information over and over again, in approximately the same order, but for some reason, they all believe that they actually need a separate form. Then, after a hard day's worth of work, you go home watch some cartoons on the tele and never hear back from them again. And, in the off chance that you do, it's usually just to let you know that the position is already filled.

At the same time, I suppose it will be, if nothing else, a decent experience living with friends again. Although my previous adventures of living with other people has gone horribly wrong, including 3 of my friends from Phoenix College and an ex girlfriend, I can at least rest assured knowing that ASU will practically be my private get-away, as not many of my friends go there, and the ones that do don't ever really get on my bad side, scold me, or make me wish that I had a vortex in some space-time continuum that I could hide away my soul and play dead.

I look forward to the next semester, but it seems every year about this time, it's the same thing--how the fucking hell am I suppose to pay for everything? As it is, I am short two books that I don't have and might not ever get a chance to get, which is alright because this early in the game, it's three books more than I'm used to having, but it can be very difficult to make it through a semester when you don't even know what it was you were supposed to have read.

To make things all the more interesting, on top of the fact that I probably don't have the time or the gas to do so, I was up in Tempe having a good time, when seemingly out of nowhere, a cop came upon Thunder and myself enjoying a little tinkle behind some closed-down parking garage. Luckily, we only got "urinating in public," but that means that I'm probably going to be doing some community service in the near-future to wipe this seemingly insignificant charge off my record. This is almost as ridiculous as that time that I got a ticket for having my headlights off and had to spend the entire day waiting in line at the courthouse just so I could tell the judge that my headlights were in fact in a working condition and she could spend a whole 20 seconds telling me that she'll take it clean off my record.

I expect that this Fall will be full of excitement and perhaps the occasional headache. Wish me luck!


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