Friday, August 20, 2010

Second Day of School

Here we are again. It's the second day of school, and once again, I arrived on campus late. I was up partying with friends the night before, and I didn't even wake up to my alarm on my phone, or perhaps it could be the case that I didn't set it at all. However, I was awoken to the sounds of my new roommate's brother knocking on the door looking for a lint roller. That's not usually the way that one would like to be woken up, nor the kind of reasons that one might think justifiable for such a disturbance, but I was glad. I rushed into the shower and out the door and managed to make it to class a mere 15 minutes late, which is fine seeing as that was the first time that I had that class.

Next, I have French. There is a significant gap in between this class and the next, or at least there is today because we got out early. I don't know how I'll like Emperical Political Inquiry, but at least my teacher is nice.

So far, my other teachers from today, Professor Happel and Professor Espino (you have to at least show them the respect of putting their title before their name, common!), they are actually pretty cool. I really look forward to having them for this next semester. They seem to really know their stuff--Professor Espino, for instance, even though he seems kind of young, taught at Michigan (or some state with an "M") State and was teaching advanced grad students (those seeking their doctorate)--and they both seem very enthusiastic about their class, which should make it very interesting and fun.

My other teacher Professor Okechukwu Iheduru for my Tuesday and Thursday International Political Economy class, which is a 400 level class, apparently is a dr. I haven't had a chance to meet him yet because of our tardiness yesterday, but I look forward to checking out his class next Tuesday, even though he seems to have received only average ratings on the rate my professor thing.

Well, before I get in trouble, as if it weren't already too late, I'm gonna cut this short and maybe head to the gym.

Oh! One more thing: yesterday, next to the MU which is a huge building consisting of food, recreation, and conference rooms (all in one!), they were playing this really awesome music over the speakers that was made from chiming bells. It was rather reminiscent of  Final Fantasy, particularly Final Fantasy VIII (debate-ably the best of the series) which totally made my day kick ass, as I sat there and day dreamed I was some amazing video game character. Hahaha! Dude.... I'm so lame...


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