Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is in a "Running Naked" Mixed Alcoholic Drink?

The elusive Running Naked.

I have been to several bars, a good many more than ever  before in the past couple months (due to some of my friends recently turning 21). I found one drink in particular that has me baffled. It is called a "Running Naked." What is this drink? What is in it?

Edit: Well, the recipe has been found! Click here to get the Running Naked Mixed Drink Recipe!

From observation, it looks like a series of liquors and perhaps other beverages are put into a glass and topped off with a dark beer. It is absolutely delicious and totally worth paying $10 in tempe to get it. However, I can't find it on any list of known mixed drinks. Is this a new drink exclusive to Tempe? If so, this is definitely worth exploring further. Next time I'm at a bar that I know serves one, I will make sure to get that drink first so that I am sober enough to observe as many ingredients as possible.

As it is, I can't find it on my friends phone, several websites, and other bars around the Maricopa area haven't seemed to heard of it at all. Comparatively, if you want an interesting drink with a strong alcohol content and a good flavor, I have discovered that a 5-Star General is a good 2.5 shot mixture consisting of:
  • Minze (no idea what this is... help?)
  • Jagermeister
  • Bacardi 151
  • Goldschlager and
  • Tequila
If anyone finds out more about the "Running Naked," please let me know. I absolutely must know what goes into this drink. I know that the bar on the second-story balcony of Mill Avenue serves them, but I'm not sure where else they are available.



  1. Pint glass w/ shot glass at bottom

    Pour 1/2 oz Chambord w/ splash of pineapple around the outside of shot glass.

    Then pour the AMF (minus 7-Up/Sprite) in the shot glass to facilitate layering affect and avoid mixing of ingredients above.

    Adios Mother Fucker (minus 7-Up/Sprite)

    1/2 oz Vodka

    1/2 oz Rum

    1/2 oz Tequila

    1/2 oz Gin

    1/2 oz Blue Curacao

    2 oz Sour mix

    Top w/ Guiness.


  2. It's not called a running naked real name is a five star General