Saturday, September 11, 2010

MU Afterdark at Arizona State University

Yesterday, I had an awesome night!
I went to ASU's MU Afterdark, which is a weekly even that happens every Friday on campus at around eight. It started off with a huge tv where they showed Toy Story 3; then, I went to a poetry reading where they read some poetry that was really great. I don't think I've ever heard such good poetry readings before.

After that, they had a comedy show, which was absolutely hilarious, and I ended up heading down to the game area. There, they have arcade machines, billiards, ping pong, bowling, and other such things. There were so many people, and it was lots of fun. I met a really cool group of people in particular, an Egyptian, a Brazilian, and a Columbian. We played ping pong for a while, and after they left, I went and played a game of bowling, getting a 111!

It was awesome. If you're ever at ASU or in Tempe, you should definitely check it out.


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