Friday, October 8, 2010

Campus Hobo Community (Day 4)

I haven't posted all day, but given that I've been really good at posting consistently lately, I figured you guys would forgive me. Well, today is Thursday, which means I had a Model United Nations meeting again. It's always very exciting and I absolutely love it. In fact, if I could, I would go there every single day... except weekends. ;P

Okay, I don't know if I ever really explained anything going on in these meetings; so I will do so briefly. Basically, there are two conferences. We have one coming up in November that we're going to host for local high schools with about 100 students total. Then, there will be another conference in April we're going to called the Model United Nations Far West Conference held in San Fransisco. It seems like we have a few sizable constraints on us, mostly in concern with travel arrangements and lodging. In total, inflation included, we predict we'll need as much as $25,000 by December. We've made some good head-way, but at this rate, we may need to provide for our own plane tickets.

We're also representing 3 countries due largely to the fairly impressive turnout. As it is, we consistently have about 20 members attending, and although we probably have about twice that registered, that's fairly substantial, especially for a new organization, especially for one that requires actual research and such. We're going to be representing DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea... North Korea or The "Best" Korea, depending upon who you ask), the UK, and Serbia. So this should be very interesting, especially since we have unofficial ties with MCC who is also attending.

I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Well, you're probably wondering how things are going for me as far as being on campus and all that goes. Well, I slept in relatively the same spot last night as I did the night before. It seems to work out well. Tonight, I'm going to try and utilize some towels, partly for a pillow and partly to give it an extra opportunity to kind of dry out because lately my shower towel hasn't dried completely even when I hold it under the hand drier. So getting it out of the locker and then using it might help with that, where as in the locker it can't hang properly due to the pile of clothes (in bags) underneath it. That should be interesting.

Students Sleeping On Couches and Chairs
I've also noticed a lot more people sleeping there as well. There was probably six or seven of them last night, and it makes me wonder if they were there the other night as well but that I didn't notice them because they left before I woke up or something. But as before, I woke up with little to no difficulty. It's fairly easy to wake up on your own in the library, and the only real grievance I'm having is that I'm having difficulty keeping my phone charged because I can't very well set it and forget it here (without it getting stolen) and the lack of fresh food.

I did get some money from my dad for food, which lasted about two days since food is rather expensive here at ASU, although I have had plenty of granola bars which usually do the trick, even though sometimes you're just left feeling rather starving. I don't really know fully how to deal with this, although I do feel like if I did have food stamps, it would work very well in my favor. Meh... it's a work in progress.

That's all for now, I suppose.


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