Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 1: The College Hobo

Oh my god! Three blogs in one day? Is it my Birthday?

If that's what you're asking yourself, the answer is "no." I just wanted to create a completely separate post separate from my rant about Thunder. In fact, this only mildly has to do with him. Here's how my day went:

Well after receiving those texts from Thunder and him saying get your shit and move out, I took his advice quite vigorously. At the time I had written the initial rant, I was actually conceiving how plausible it would be to be like.. a college hobo! That's the best way I can describe it!

I mean, clearly I still have a home with my parents, but I honestly don't plan on going back there all week and wasting a bunch of gas I can't afford and all of my time. Nope! Instead, I'm going to finally do what I wanted to do all along: get a college dorm, except my dorm is the whole damn campus.

I thought to myself: if everyone is sleeping all around campus anyway, what the hell is the point of spending $2000 to have a tiny little dorm. (Well, actually, I still think it'd be pretty rad! =D ) So now, I'm stuffing my locker with clean clothes, bathing supplies, and some non-perishables, and I am just basically living here: the productive center of college learning. There is just so much to do here and so much to learn, even outside of classes, as well as so many people to meet; there is really no reason to leave unless its a weekend. So I'm just not going to.

I am literally going to sleep in the library, on the grass, on the tables and basically where-so-ever I damn-well please! It's going to be fantastic. Annnnd.... lucky you, it gives me something to blog about. So you can follow me and watch my life vicariously! Holy SHIT!

Ok, don't get too excited.

So this morning, after talking with my friend Travis for a rather long time, mostly about a social movement we want to begin to reform education, I ended up going over to Thunder's and stalking his house until he left. It was late enough that I knew it would only be a short matter of time. So I waited in a place where I'd see him and he wouldn't see me, and the moment he left, I ran for the door, unlocked it with my key, went in and grabbed all of my remaining shit that didn't go with me to my parents' house over the weekend and ran the fuck out as fast as I could in very little time at all. In fact, I was rather proud at how efficiently I had gotten the fuck out of there. I knew exactly what I was looking for and where to find it, and I got it without any unnecessary hesitation. I mean, I could have gone over the night before, but I really don't have a huge desire to confront Thunder now or any time in the near future.

Sleeping on Campus is Rad!
After that, my car was actually out of battery. Apparently, it can only sustain the radio and fan for about an hour before it shits on me. Right, right, right... this is the part where Thunder comes in and calls me a dumbass.... moving on... so I got a jump and left.

I got to school after receiving no sleep but somehow still being very energetic from coffee I had consumed many hours ago... in fact, it's been nearly an entire day and I still feel very energetic.... how much freakin coffee did I drink?

So anyway, I went to the library to work on my oral exam answers. I mean, it wouldn't be completely necessary for class, but I like to do absolutely everything the teacher tells me to do with hopes that they have a very good educational reason for assigning it.

In coming out of the library, I saw a table set up, and they were given away free pizza. SCORE! So I got a slice. Then I asked them how long they would be there because what they were doing seemed kind of interesting (sending letters to troops), and for some reason they gave me a whole box of pizza without answering the question. So I ate my slice and thought to just horde it all because for the next week I'm eating nut-bars and other non-perishables. But no... instead I decided it would be a much better idea to share with my classmates, and it was, and at least the teacher was really appreciative.

After that, I found a bench and it rained.... and it rained.... and it RAINED! OMFG it rained!!! It was magnificent. I sang for a while, bellowing my voice as loud as it would carry in the echoing area without losing the quality of sound too much, and I just sat there and sang for like two hours for no apparent reason while it was pouring outside. And it was glorious!

So Are Updates That Make Captions Easier
Some people passed by with odd looks, but a lot of people seemed to appreciate the free serenade. And here I am!

All my crap is stuff into a locker: a whole week's worth of clothes and resources including soaps and food to last me until Friday night / Saturday. This shall be very exciting and very interesting, and I hope nobody shanks me in my sleep like Isaac suggested someone might. >=3


(yea, that's an actual picture of my locker right now.)

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