Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 1: That Night!

It is now night time, as you can probably observe from looking out your window.... wait, what? You mean you don't just sit at your computer all day hoping that I'll post something?

Okay, well just trust me, it's night okay? Okay.

So this will be my first night being a real campus bum. I'm excited! Yeeees... very much so... okay, well, I honestly haven't staked out a place to crash yet, but you know? I had a really great work out, and given that I haven't slept at all since I woke up yesterday and that the coffee seems to finally be wearing off, I am feeling increasingly tired by the zzzzzzzzz.....

Most significantly, today.... I showered with a bunch of MEN! Yea, that's right... I was naked, and so were lots of guys around me. And we were touching ourselves (in an attempt to be clean!). So that was definitely different; I've never really done the whole locker room thing, and any time I've ever taken a shower in a gym, they've always had individual shower units. But ASU is OLDSCHOOL! They don't believe that men should be segregated in the shower for a small investment in putting subdividers between shower units--NO! instead, the would prefer for us to stand there as ol' Buba has his way..... oh.... hey buba.... (Just be quiet and he'll go away!)

But yea, seriously tired. I actually didn't do any studying today; I was too excited about this new adventure. But wow! I feel soooo clean right now. How odd. And I blow dried my hair with the hand dryer thing, and now it has way way way more body than it ever has... ever! I never knew.... I just never knew.

AND I got an ASU pen today. AND I have a cool video for you.... (OMG A VIDEO? THAT HASNT HAPPENED IN LYKE....) gosh... how long has it been? Idk... just watch it!!!

So basically, here are some videos of the effects on a fountain after the rain from the huge wind gusts. It was quite extraodinary. In one of these videos, not honestly sure which of these it is, but I'm sure you can tell, I am actually getting sprayed by the water streams as though I were in some cool water park... which I was.... dun dun DUN!!!


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