Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 2: Rainy Days Are a Good Thing

I would like to first start off by saying that I didn't actually sleep at ASU last night. As I was preparing for an over-night slumber, my friend Travis called me up and said, "Let's celebrate Kara's birthday a little early," and so, like that, without any socks on and in my gym shorts, I went and hung out with them. It was lots of fun.

So I ended up sleeping on Kara's couch and missing my first two classes. I also didn't remember we had our second exam in Economics today; so I missed the study session, and I didn't study. Regardless of that, Professor Happel is an excellent teacher, and I was able to pass the test with a perfect score.

Also, it rained really hard again today! \o/  (for those of you who are not 1337, that's a guy with his hands up in celebration).

I was hanging out with a bunch of the catholic club students and it just came down and rained everywhere. It was magnificent... except for all the many people who were out there tabling who had to quickly pack up and leave so their signs or products would not get destroyed.

I also appear to be losing weight I noticed (today as I examined myself at a sideways angle in the mirror). So yay! That's awesome. I guess eating nothing but granolla bars and free pizza while working out nearly every day will do that to you. Though I do have to say that I would kill for a Klondike bar right now...... nah, I'm just kidding... am I? >=3

On other news, things are going fantastically. Even when I am unprepared, I seem to be doing very well in my classes. I think that is due largely to how much I studied before the semester began and further. I think it has really set a good base of knowledge for me to build on.

Quizlet has helped tramendously for French as well. I believe that if I had known about it when I did 101 or even 102, I would have been remarkably more efficient at French.

Bomb Scare
There was also a bomb scare today at the light rail at Veterans Way and College Ave. So we all had to get off and take a bus past the area of the bomb scare, and those seeking to go even further on the light rail then had to get back on. Man, how inconvenient, right? Yea...

Oh well, it works for me... Just seriously... of all things to blow up, why would you even want to blow up the light rail? It provides tons of cost-effective transportation particularly to lower-class citizens. More so, it took them like half a century to build the damn thing.... =/


(That's right... I would kill someone for a chocolate-covered ice cream bar, the one that you can buy the generic brand of for like $1... yep....)

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