Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Campus Hobo to College Slacker

Hello, everyone. It's been a while since I last updated you guys on what is going on. As I believe I mentioned in my last entry, my parents have persuaded me to come back home. However, you guys don't know what has happened since I've moved back home.

Well, suddenly, I find myself unable to make it to class on time. The most time spent on homework is during the hour long light rail trip. Although food is much more readily available, I think I actually eat about the same amount, and somedays, I'm so tired I can barely keep my head up.

Welcome to ASU!
So then, was it really better to move back in with my parents? Other than having to constantly play tetris with my things in a locker in order to keep dirty laundry from contaminating everything, and although I was constantly starving for food, at least I felt rested and aware every single day. In fact, I had all the time int he world to do what I wanted and also what I needed to do.

Since moving back with my parents *AGAIN* I just feel tired and worn out all the time.

What I really need to do is figure out how to make some money and rent my own place close to school (or at school). That would be the best for sure.

What now?

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