Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Living Dead (Day 3)

So any of you who read this are probably wondering about how my night was in the library. Well....... it was amazing! I mean, I guess amazing isn't the right word. It was rather satisfying though. I just went up to the 2nd floor (which seems like the 3rd floor due to the fact that the main level is on the "C" level) and just found a comfortable-looking chair and slept. Afterward, I realized that the wooden arm rests weren't horribly comfortable and just slept on the soft-padded bench things with my backpack as a pillow.

I got a good night's rest, feeling refreshed. I had some dreams, none of which I can remember (regretfully). But most importantly, I didn't even need an alarm clock to wake up. As expected, the surge of early-morning students in the library broke my unconscious slumber and woke me up a respectable time before my first class began. And since I had showered the night before and didn't have to make any plans for any other school preparations like travel, I was already there and already ready to go.

Between classes, I hit the gym, thinking I was going to go to my parents' later for some pizza (because I really haven't had a lot of good foods lately, mostly just granola), but I realized that I had already invited Jonathan to volleyball today and that I didn't particularly want to miss out on it either. It is really fun playing volleyball every week and getting to know new people. In fact, I'm also thinking about joining the fencing club and doing that every Tuesday. As a result, I would end up having a schedule that looked like this:
  • Classes: Monday-Friday from 930 or 1030a-2 or 3p.
  • Evenings... Monday: Nothing; Tuesday: Fencing; Wednesday: Volleyball; Thursday: Model United Nations; Friday: MU After Dark.
With something going on just about every single day, all of which are diverse and either mentally, socially or physically stimulating, all of which, except MUN, falling under all three categories (because it is not physically stimulating), how could I ever possibly want to leave this place?

For sure, this place is magical. And after I get my bachelor's degree and go on to get my master's degree, moving out of state to escape this awful weather, I will sincerely miss it. But at least I can live somewhere relatively cold, where hot weather is only somewhat uncomfortable rather than smoldering hot, where it rains frequently enough that just as I begin to miss it, it's there again, and in a place with a much wider diversity of new culture that I haven't been exposed to. However, I'm sure whatever university I transfer to will have its own magic. And seeing as how it would be a completely new experience to me (which is something I thoroughly enjoy), I will probably be too caught up in being exposed to such a new environment, community and surrounding to find anything bad with it.

(not an actual picture of what I ate)
Well, again, today was one of those glorious days where there was free food on campus. I would have to say that with all the organizations, the ASA especially, people and events going on, there is probably free food here more than 1 out of every 3 school days. Today was special though because it was something out of the ordinary. Usually, free food comes in the form of pizza. About 50% of the time that's what it is. However, sometimes, they have burritos, or sandwhiches, or some other awesome free food, but today, it was pita bread, pasta, and two really delicious kinds of hummus including cilantro jalapeno hummus.... omg it was delicious! LOVED IT!

Well, I decided I'd come here and give you guys the whats-new, especially since I've been so active on keeping you guys up to date ever since this whole thing went down. Later, I'm going to go get America's Taco Shop's carne asada burrito and endless tortilla chips with their delicious fresh salsa... omg... I can't wait!


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