Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Night 2: The Sleep Over

Okay, so tonight will be the first night that I actually spend at ASU completely. I mean, I had nearly did that during finals last semester, but I would drive home between endlessly working on essays and other homework assignments, and I would change and shower there. Now, I am actually showering here (and smelling great btw... now that all of my clean clothes are here and I gotten over being naked in the men's locker room, I actually stay cleaner and better smelling than I would have continuing to stay probably anywhere else).

I think the most important thing is that in being here Monday-Friday, not only am I able to alleviate any living expenses or drama that might happen between whom-so-ever I would be living with (in this case, my parents), given that my parents do actually provide me with free oat-bars and laundry services, as well as a place to stay over the weekend, making it incredibly plausible for me to be doing this, but there are also lots of other great benefits as well.

Some of those benefits include, but are not limited to: not having to go home at 11p just because the light rail would stop running, while at the same time, not having to pay ridiculous parking fees to try to avoid that problem. Also, I can participate and enjoy the myriad of events going on at ASU on campus. For instance, today, I ended up going to an innovation challenge meeting just because I had the time to do so. Since I was already here, I had the smallest transaction cost for attending, and therefore, I did.

Full-Body Bag
Furthermore, I can sleep basically whenever I feel like. I don't have to worry about getting anywhere later so if I go to sleep I'm already exactly where I need to be. Also, most of my friends live within a mile of a light rail stop, meaning that I can visit them anytime before midnight (given that I would get on the light rail as late as 11p to go visit) and still wouldn't have to worry too much because I could crash on one of their couches or just go to my parents' house, or even just sleep in my car, or not... I could stay awake until the light rail ran again and then go to classes and fall asleep afterwards. So many options!

Basically, there are a lot of perks to just being here. Sure, it would be magnificent if I had a dorm and I could store probably 300x as much stuff in it as I do in my gym locker, and I could have my own shower, and my own bed instead of sleeping in weird places like on chairs and stuff.......... but you know what? I just don't have $2000 to spend on that sort of thing, and I'd really like to get a scholarship next semester, but so long as that's not a possibility, this is definitely the next best thing. For sure!

Never be late again!
So anyway, this is quite exciting, and although I'm not feeling horribly exhausted right now, I actually am thinking that I will be going to sleep relatively soon, especially since I am tired enough to not want to study, and after this post, I will have basically run out of things to do on the internet (like check email... and... well, I guess other than this and perhaps watching funny videos the internet really isn't very useful at all... =/ oh well...)

Sweet Dreams!


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