Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Hobo

Yea, it's kind of like "No Homo" or at least that's where I got the title from.

Well, I've been found out. I got a text from my dad today asking if I was living out of my car again, and I fessed up that no, I wasn't; I'm actually living on campus. I know that's not the sort of life my dad wants me to lead. As much as my dad wants me to be independent and doesn't want to have to pay my way through college, he's still my father and wants me to be safe and happy. So when he said to me, "come home," I was in no position to argue. It would have been shear idiocy to say, "No, dad. I'm going to keep being homeless;" not to mention, it would have also been very inconsiderate (like pushing away someone's hand when they're saving you from falling off a cliff).

I can tell when I'm defeated, and this is one of those times. But this just furthers my commitment to making some money over the Summer. I can't honestly say I can really handle a job right now, but if I can make a decent amount of money over the break and save up, it would take a lot of pressure off my dad.

Furthermore, I've already began making plans with my friends to get the hell out of this state after graduation. I'm going after my Master's degree next, but I can't honestly say I'm a huge fan of the weather. It's awful! It's hot, and unpleasant. There is hardly any change in the seasons. And although I like this city just fine, I need to branch out and experience more of this world while I'm still young. Plus it'll give me an opportunity to really prove myself and step up my responsibility.

So thus is the end of the Campus Hobo. I was honestly thinking to myself tonight, too, that it's sort of depressing to think that everybody but me has somewhere they need to be. For me, I could have spent all night playing volleyball or doing whatever, and it would have never really mattered since I would end up sleeping here anyway.

Now my thoughts have began shifting from "how can I survive this life style?" (or more specifically about how to acquire decent food regularly) to "what can I do to make some money to be more independent?"

Every college student needs some sort of income. "Where do you want to eat?" "Want to go to a bar tonight?" and other related questions are all very common in campus life. It's very hard to get the full college experience when you can't even solve the most basic questions of food and gas for your car, and with that, even just gas for the weekends when you actually plan on leaving school.

I've also been thinking about what would happen if I were to actually do something that I was talking about? What would happen if I did get really heavily into reform for education? What would happen if I led an entire movement? More specifically, what would happen to my education? Could I go to school and be a prophet for the exploited worker, or to become a revolutionary in the battle against poor education? Could I honestly handle balancing two main courses, in other words?

I would never want to quite my education, but isn't my education all leading up to that point? Isn't that not the reason that I go to school, so that one day I can make the world a better place?

Well, my ride is calling.

Ja ne,.


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