Monday, October 4, 2010

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder... Oh, Look! It's Raining.

Okay, so I guess I ought to give some back story to start out. Nearly a month ago, I posted a rant on my blog about my roommate Thunder. After given some time to cool off, I decided it was a bit uncalled for; so I deleted it.

Well as it turns out, he somehow came to hear about this rant (most likely through those signed up to receive email updates!--you should sign up... I mean, what are YOU missing out on ;] ). And Saturday, he called me like four times (which isn't unusual, but due to the fact that I had other plans already and didn't particularly feel like talking to him, I just ignored it all four times. Then, when I woke up Sunday morning, I received several texts saying don't talk shit about people on the internet and that he was a way better musician and what-have-you.

And initially, I thought it was a lot worse than it was. I thought Oh my god, what did I say in that thing? I must have really just let go and said some horrible things. So today, I decided to go searching for it in an email account that receives updates through email, and I read it; and as I did so, I just kept thinking, Oh my god! This is hilarious! And I didn't really say anything untruthful or that was too much of a personal attack through the majority of the whole thing. The most I did was point out how he was demonstrating ass-a-holic behavior through being a frugal, self-serving opportunist; I didn't go out of my way to distort the truth at all. Sure I used harsh language to demonstrate how I felt, but fuck! who cares?

In fact, the only thing I could really find that was out of line was this one line somewhere near the very end:
Even despite all of his recent musical training, I've still got way more training, talent, and knowledge than he does.
And to be honest, I actually think that is true... well, mostly. I definitely have more training. THAT is and indisputable fact. Let's face it: I've taken choir nearly my entire life up until the end of Freshman year, I've studied several instruments in one of the top AZ schools, including 4 years of piano, 3 years of violin, and a year of saxophone elsewhere. I continued to study music at PC, going through all 4 stages of both guitar and piano, as well as taking a semester of private lessons for violin. And most importantly, by the time I had even met Thunder I had more musical training in that time prior than he has accumulated in his entire musical pursuit.

So that part is true. Talent... well, that is very subjective. That is such an overwhelmingly normative statement that would vary from observer to observer. However, I can honestly say with a high degree of certainty that I do I believe I perform better than him in many areas of music.

The one I definitely can say I don't whole-heartedly believe is that I have more knowledge. I could argue one way or the other. I mean, I have had nearly a lifetime of experience, but he has been taking some pretty pro-baller theory classes. So just for a lack of knowing for certain, I'll take that one back. I guess a list of three just sounds better than a list of two.

But honestly, that was unnecessary. I didn't need to go there. I could have just left that out and left it to a discourse of how he acts like an utter prick to me, and especially me for no apparent reason what-so-ever. I feel completely justified in calling him out and saying he's a dick, or even just sitting here behind a computer screen and ranting on to a seemingly anonymous, but apparently not completely, but at least there is someone out there actually reading this nonsense, audience.

I mean, let's be fucking honest here! I can name a million things that Thunder has done that was asshole-ish toward me, and although at times I've probably done things to him from time to time, I'm just not the sort of person who likes to exchange assholes with another man. It just doesn't seem right. So like the passive-neutral person I tend to be (but apparently not always), I just kind of sat back and took it until I had definitely decided in my mind that yes, Thunder is the biggest asshole I have ever met.

Here is just a short list which captures only brief moments of how he is a total douchebag to me:
  1. Ass-facing: when I would sleep sometimes, and even after explicitly expressing my displeasure to being subjected to that, or any for that matter, ass-a-holic behavior while I am asleep, he had continued to pull down his pants and stick his asshole directly in my face while I was asleep. Of course, I did have an opportunity to get back at him once when we were drinking and he tried to pull down my pants (which were pajama bottoms), and I just kind of sat down where he was and smothered his face between my two meaty butt-cheeks. Mmm... delicious!
  2. Another case in point is that he always uses harsh language with me, despite the fact that I've tried to express on several occasions that I don't particularly like to be called dumbass, or other such things.
  3. On multiple occasions, he has directly said or suggested things like: you got to take what girls you can get because of your physical shape or because he thinks I can't get women. Granted, I am out of shape (working very hard on that) and I really have had only two relationships, only one of which was sexual. However, I realize my limitations just in being me. And honestly, I think I'm a pretty good catch other than my slight pudge and the fact that I don't keep a job or have income. He didn't really say it in a gentle way either, and I honestly felt on these occasions that he was saying to be a dick.
  4. His self-righteous claim to his money as a means of manipulation, as touched on by the previous rant. He honestly walks around as though he deserves to have $3000 of government money handed to him for free, as though he had honestly done something to earn it, despite the fact that he is in all respects a very average student, with meager grades, few academic course, most of which he seems to fail or drop out of, and not redeeming academic achievements. Where as I have maintained a near-4.0 (that is, upper 3. range), have participated in many extra-curricular academic programs, including honor's, and am actively pursuing more academic involvement. What the fuck are you doing Uncle Sam? Don't waste your time with these average students! Give me some fucking money!
Again, I can go on, and on, and fucking on... but what the fuck is the point? I'm just pointing out here that I'm not total bullshit! I have actually events that occurred to back this up. I don't think anyone would deny that things things are true, if of course you hold the personal insults.

I haven't really said anything too bad about him that wasn't true, other than that one fucking thing (which he's got to bitch and moan about), and here I am having to explain myself all over again.

So that's it! He's a douche and I don't want to be friends with him because he's a douche. He said something to the effect of I can't talk to him in person and that I have to slander him on the internet, but no... not really. In fact, I deleted it. I just don't want to talk to him because he's a douche, and I've given him many years of indicators that I don't like being treated like that way, and if he honesty believes or believed that all his asshole-ness wouldn't eventually lead to me not wanting to be friends with him... well, then I guess he's just dumber than I thought.

And if he reads this: I'm glad! It's fun being a dick for once.

Ta ta!


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