Friday, October 8, 2010

Vendredi (Day 5)

The title is French for "Friday." This is because I have just finished my homework for today (Friday), and it was really hard. The concept itself didn't seem absurdly hard: it's imparfait and passe compose which are both past tense in french (one is used to describe scenes and continuous actions, while the other is used for interrupting actions and completed actions). However, for some reason, this was ridiculously hard! What was really difficult is just picking the right word to use for the blank, even when you understood both the sentence and the words you were supposed to use to fill in the blanks. This just leads me to believe that there are a lot of idiomatic phrases in it. At least I feel sure that I got "Tu te souviens qu' il pleuvait a verse?"  correct.

This has nothing to do with anything....
Anyway, today has been a rather non-surprising day so far. After rushing from my MUN meeting to the gym to work out and shower right before they closed, I headed here to the library where I did some things on the internet (including some homework for class) and went to sleep. I woke up plenty early but instead of being cautious and setting my alarm as I closed my eyes for a little more sleep, I ended up waking up just about the time class was starting. As a result, I ended up being just a bit late. However, were I still living at Thunder's, failure to wake up on time would almost certainly lead to me missing classes altogether.

Also, I've decided to forgo the MU After Dark tonight, despite how awesome it can be just because my mom extended a rather sincere invitation to me to come home and eat with them tonight, and since I have been lacking in "real" food all week, I am certainly eager to bite into something hot and freshly cooked.

I wonder if there is some way around this whole food issue...


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