Friday, April 9, 2010

The Undergraduate

What Does It Mean to Be An Undergraduate?

My school career started at a community college. There, people often asked how long you've been there or sometimes, but rarely, asked how many credits you had. However, the term "undergraduate" was very rarely used. Why ? Because community colleges are designed to only be 2-year institutions. Thus, everybody was an undergraduate. It'd be a little silly to ask someone if the y were an undergraduate when the answers already pretty obvious.
map to your class
Well, here I am today at "big boy" school. Going to a university is much more intense and a lot harder to adapt to. On my first day, I needed a map just to get around! And even now, I often have to look at the directory just to be able to figure out where something is. Unfortunately, the X means "You are here" and doesn't refer to the location of some amazing buried treasure.

hot skater chick on longboardOn top of that, there are literally thousands upon thousands of people. Just walking from one class to another can make you feel like cattle. But some people h ave found the solution to this, which at times, can be very inconvenient for other people (especially if you're not paying attention!). People bike, roller blade, and even long-board! What is l ong-boarding? you may be asking? Well, it's skateboarding with a much longer board. Basically, it's like a surf board in wheels. This can cause some inconvenient situations, like when they weave between crowds or even sometimes run into people. However, I'm continually amazed by their ability to avoid running into people (or each other!).

don't steal my bikeDespite the potential benefits of riding around on some kind of motion-enhancing device like one of these, I prefer to do some good ol' walking. Afterall, with all the studying they make us do, I don't always have time to get proper exercise. Might as well fit it in between classes, right? Besides that fact, lots of people have gotten their bikes stolen on campus, which is an unfortunate biproduct of going to a school with tens of thousands of people and thousands of shiny bicycles for the bike thieves to choose from.

But I do have to admit that I've never appreciated spring break more!

I've had some pretty exciting spring breaks before, but none of them have been as anticipated as this semester's. I was even able to get out of town and go on a few adventures. That doesn't really happen to me that often.

But being constantly loaded down with homework, reading twenty thousand pages of ancient literature and being sleep deprived from never-ending stress while wondering if you're even gonna have enough money to drive the next week really makes you truly appreciate any short break they want to give you. Spring break, in my experience, is a time for beer pong, adventures, and filibertos tacos at odd hours of the night, and there has never been a better time for it.

the end fin
I guess you could say that college is kind of rough. It definitely takes some getting used to, but would I trade it for anything in the world? Ha! Probably not. I love it here. This place has become my home. My classmates have become my new dysfunctional family, and my teachers have become my new overbearing parents. Even though college is a lot of work (and a hell of a lot of money), I wouldn't give it up even for a private island and a pocket full of Benjamins.

Yep. I'm living the good life!