Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beer Pong

Beer pong is one of the most popular college games around! It's more popular than heads up seven up ever was in middle school. I've known people who won't even go to parties if there is no beer pong.

Well, I for one love the game. Its the best way to enjoy beer (despite the fact that we usually end up getting some really crappy beer cause its cheaper). I first got hooked on the game when I was with my ex-girlfriend, and her neighbor came over to her apartment and showed us how to play. After that, a few more of my friends got into it, and we ended up taking to it so well that we would play it all the time.

We've played using dining room tables. We've used fold out tables. We've even had friends who set up tables with just a piece of wood as the surface! We've also played in some pretty interesting places, including one place we liked to call "Underground." Why is it called that? Well, because it's an underground parking lot under some dentist office. Not the cleanest place to play, but what the hell?

We've also played in an abandoned house before. My friend found out about it somehow, and we figured out how to get in through an unsecured window. We never trashed the place or anything like that, and we played in the garage so we wouldn't make a mess.

Yep, we sure have had some good fun with that game.

I've also noticed that people have their own rules for beer pong. Depending on who is hosting the game, you might end up playing by some radically different rules.

Here's a break down of the basic rules:

    rules of beer pong
  • Set up cups, throw balls in cups
  • If you make a ball, the cup gets drinkin and set aside (you win when your opponent has no more cups)
  • usually played in teams with two balls per turn
  • bounces are 2 cups, but can be swatted away

That's really it. But here are some of the other rules people have added:
  • Deathcup: make the ball into a cup your opponent hasn't drinken yet and win
  • Reracks: rearrange the cups for your opponent (limits set before game)
  • Balls back: depending on the host, either both players make a cup or both players make the same cup
  • Same cup: if balls back is for both players making a cup, sometimes same cup means 3 cups
  • Miss and drink: if you shoot of the table, you have to drink a cup
  • Islands: if a cup is sitting away from the rest of the group of cups, one can call "islands" and make their opponent drink two cups if they make it, but if they miss, they get nothing.
  • Roll backs: if the ball rolls back (and doesn't go off the table) you can shoot again, usually behind the back or opposite hand
  • Fingering/Blowing: you can often blow or "finger" a ball out
  • Elbows/Wrists: these body parts can't be over the table when you shoot
  • Trick shots: sometimes, people reward extra cups for trick shots.
  • Trolling: if you go a whole game without making a cup, you have to sit under the table.
Beer pong is a highly energized, very competitive and exciting game. New comers are almost always welcome. Competitors often try to distract their opponents to get them to mess up. And there is a hell of a lot of shit-talking going on. In a tight group of friends, everyone always knows who's really good. And some people really love to show off their skills.

As for myself, I would say I'm fairly good. I'm not the best, but I sure as hell love to play. It sure beats some crappy ass game like flip cup.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Missing Classes

One thing in college that leaves you a little 2-sided is missing classes. It's just unavoidable. Whether you're a dedicated, study-hard kinda girl, or a laid back "whatever" kind of guy, something will always come up throughout the semester that will make you miss classes at least once in a while.

For most, this happens fairly frequently, especially as the semester drags on and students get worn out. For others, they will be there rain or shine. Some people just don't show up ever!

For me, I'm some where in between. I try to attend almost every class, but some times, I just can't muster up the strength to do so. With fighting off invitations from friends to go and party like it was 1593, and my constant procrastination which leads me to spending long nights awake until 3am working on projects (or not) I should have started a week ago, and trying to have some time to myself, I just get exhausted!

Sometimes, I wake up and hit the snooze button on my alarm (my phone) up to ten times a day because I just can't get going. Other days, I won't wake up at all to my alarm because my body will just be like "uh... no... you're staying asleep!" and I'll wake up after class has already started or is over.

Or sometimes, though it is rare that this will happen, some awesome concert or something just so happens to be going on at the same time that I should have class, in which case I may opt out that day.

skipping classBut I stay on top of things. I check my syllabus. And I talk to the teacher when I need to. Sometimes I make good friends with people in my class and ask them to fill me in. These are the ways I avoid academic death! Cause sometimes, people dig themselves into such a deep hole, they can't get out. I, on the other hand, occasionally throw some dirt back in the hole so that it keeps at a reasonable depth, and when I'm ready, I climb right on out.

Missing classes sucks, but sometimes, you just can't help it. So wake up, grab yourself an espresso, and get goin! You're late for class!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Killing Time On Campus

 Sometimes, you end up at school a hell of a lot longer than you had ever hoped to be there. Perhaps you're waiting for a friend. Perhaps you fell asleep. Or perhaps, you have a shit-ton of work to do and you thought you might be more productive at school but ended up getting distracted and decided it was time to write a new entry on your favorite website? Yea... the last one for sure.

Well, I'm an expert on killing time. Typically, I like to butcher it with some kind of long bladed weapon, but at other times, I love the pure explosive potential of... ah what the hell am I saying? Most likely I'm just rambling on to kill more time!!!!

Alright. Let's get down to it.

When you're on campus, there is usually a lot more to do than you think.

Well, that is, on my campus there is. If you're at some small underdeveloped college in some random state like Kentucky several miles away from the nearest McDonalds (God forbid!), I'm pretty sure your school isn't as cool as mine, and that sucks for you! Hahaha! (I'm sorry... that was mean...)

Well, the most obvious thing to do would be to locate one of your 18 different favorite places to go on a computer and type to all your readers. Oh yea... we covered that.

Aside from that, I just came back from the gym. It turns out that the gym here on campus is well.... seriously? I think all my tuition goes towards that because they have tvs on all the equipment with cable, racquet ball, tennis, basket ball, a swimming pool. THEY EVEN HAVE PING PONG! That's not even really working out, is it? Idk.... when I play ping pong I stand in one place and hope it doesn't go beyond my reach but that's just me. D=

So it turns out that the gym is a GREAT place to kill time (especially with all these cuties running around here ^.~)
ASU Girls kissing
Oh! And that's another thing. Arizona State University, my school!, was given the award for having some of the hottest women (much to the displeasure of our dean!). Now I'm not saying I'm a horn-dog or anything! I don't see attractive women and start drooling, but I do admit that sometimes I'm pretty distracted, which I'm pretty sure most men could admit to from time to time.

And of course, if you've read any of my previous blogs, you'd know I'm also a big fan of sleeping on campus, even on the tops of tables. They're nice and cool, and it's a nice contrast to the UNBEARABLY HOT SUN! That's ok... it just encourages me to try harder to stay alive.... I guess...

What happens when all that fails? Well, there's ALWAYS something going on. If you walk around campus long enough, you'll find that there are all kinds of events that you can attend for free! That's right, you don't have to spend a dime for sub-Hollywood quality entertainment.

Lemme give you an example: I discovered by wandering around campus (and thereby completely avoiding doing the work that I should have been doing), I discovered that on Fridays they have comedy shows in the food area (MU). To say the least, I was pretty entertained, especially since I LOVE watching comedians perform.

That's just one of the many things going on. And if worse comes to worse, you could always try... like.... talking to people? Oh yea! People will talk your head off. And sometimes, you find those people that just aren't worth talking to ever--either those people who don't know anything and stare at you blankly when you say something profound, the know-it-alls who try to up you every point you make, the point-talkers who have a circular argument lined up for every conceivable conversation--despite all that!--I have had some GREAT conversations with other students on campus.

Well, that's all for now, folks. I'm gonna go watch the religious nuts shout at passers-by. See ya! (By the way, that guy to the right has actually made appearances at our school and tells us all we're going to hell for masturbating and being gay or some crap...)


Honestly, Just Be Honest!

Okay, you know. Let's be honest here: some of the entries on this site can seem a little silly, irrelevant, or maybe even a little risky, but I guess that's what you get when it's up to me to write the majority of the posts. I tend to prefer things that are funny to things that are serious cause, well, they're more entertaining for myself and for the reader.

But today, I wanna talk about morals. No, no, no! Don't run away! I'm just going to talk about one moral: honesty!

Honesty can get you a lot further than you think in school.

So I ended up spending all night working on this site one day, and I knew we had a paper to turn in the next morning (bright and early) in French. I thought, nah, I'll do it before class. Well, you know what? Before class, I got distracted. And so, I ended up starting the paper one hour before class. This left me in a rather peculiar position because this assignment was a lot harder than I thought it would be! 8:30 came around (class time), and I still wasn't done. So I'm scrambling to get it done, and time is ticking away. Finally, I'm done, but class is over!

I ended up going downstairs from the class to her office, and when I got there,

she asked me suspiciously, "Why weren't you in class today?"

Of course she suspected the truth. Instead of going to class I was scrambling to come up with a paper that barely demonstrates a B-. My mind raced, trying to come up with excuses. There had to be something, but then, I just realized, I should just be honest.

I told her the truth and she said, "That's okay, as long as you got it turned in." She probably would have reprimanded me or even refused to take the assignment if I hadn't fessed up, and you know what? It's not so bad. Professors know our games. They know our lies. They are TRAINED to see these things from years of abuse of their kindness. If you really wanna throw your professor off guard, just try being honest. Seriously!

Sure you get those occasional dicks of teachers who will still refuse to take your assignment or won't give you a chance to compromise, but more often than not (and probably more often than you would imagine), professors are very willing to work with you to let you make up mistakes, especially if you're honest.

So just tell the truth.... at least every now and then. >_O


Monday, April 19, 2010

I was going to yell at my kid.....but then I got high!

I was watching tv with my mom and then my dad asked me if I had work that day and I said "nah man."

What my parents didn't know at that moment was that I have been unemployed for 5 months now.

They think I still have a job but the truth is I have been living off of my student loans.

Every time I leave for the day I would tell them that I am going to work when I really would just go to my friend's house and play beer pong or go to school. This has been going on for the entire time that I have been unemployed and my parents never suspected or so I thought.

After my dad asked me if I had to go to work, my mom asked if I still had a job.

I said "yeah man."

My dad left my mom and I to ourselves and then she asked me, "You aren't lying to me, are you?"

I then ran myself mentally into a dead end. I new the gig was up, and I would have to come clean. After all, I hadn't been "going to work" for a few weeks now since I've been so bogged down with school work and felt too lazy to go out during the hot Arizona days.

I said the following statement, "nah man."

She then asked me why I don't and I continued with "Because I haven't gone in 5 months."
My mom made me tell my dad, and so I did. At which point my dad seemed very upset. He didn't say anything for a while. I was really concerned because I was'nt sure whether or not he was going to tear me a new one. After a while he turned to my mom and then asks "Do you want go smoke a dooby?" So they went to go get high, and I went to sleep.



Students on The Crack Schedule

Are You Crack Enough?

Do you know how hard it is keeping a normal schedule with all the things you're expected to do in college? You have college parties, roomates, hanging out with friends, study groups, homework, etc. The point is where in all this do you get the proper amount of sleep through the night(when you are supposed to actually sleep by the way)? I dont think you are supposed to, which is why they should have the cafe's and rec rooms and most of the buildings open 24 hrs for students.

Everyone knows that college students carry the worst scheduling when it comes to sleep so they should have everything open all the time. The libraries at the ASU campus did a good thing with keeping their doors open for 24-hours and so should everything else on the college campus. Everyone knows that the cool stuff happens at night anyways for students so if businesses were to stay open they would not only have increasing profits but interesting stories as well. The word crack can now be used as a verb to identify the action(s) of a college student. So the businesses that are on college campus should start asking themselves one thing. "Are we CRACK enough to keep up with the next generation of esteemed academics," because I know when I, being a business major, start owning a bunch of entertainment and dining establishments the #1 rule will be that they all have to be open for 24 hrs for the college students. So I know for a fact thet I am CRACK enough, are you?