Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finals Continued

Well, the clock is ticking down. I have until Monday to complete my essays for POS 230 Current National Issues and I've got until Tuesday to complete my essays for POS310 American National Government and POS446 Democracy. In other words, I have to complete anywhere up to 30 pages in the next couple of days as well as get ready for my Comp. Government final and my 310 final!

The clock is ticking away... and I just can't seem to roll out of bed....


Friday, May 7, 2010

Finals Are Well Under Way

Today, I had my French written final. It turns out, have been doing pretty well overall in the class, and the only class that I'm really worried about is Comparative Government. Other than that, I seem to be doing fine.

But it's far from over!

I've still got three major essay projects to do and 2 finals to take. One of those two I expect to be fairly easy, but the other will undoubtedly require more time. However, after staying up all night preparing for my French exam, then going to school bright and early to continue this trend, working out (as I usually do on Fridays), and finally, getting home very late, I am EXHAUSTED! I am worn out beyond belief. So much so, this is all I will leave with you today... Till I wake up, my friends....


Thursday, May 6, 2010

A College Sized Appetite

Despite popular belief, pizza isn't the only thing that college students enjoy to eat. Many students enjoy pitas, which are rather popular. Tacos are always a favorite. Many are vegetarians and will only eat certain things, while others will eat just about anything you put in front of their faces.

Either way, college is a time to experience eating to the fullest. After going through high school where most of your friends are poor and have no money to eat out, no car to drive to far-off restaurants, and eating the same old crap all the time, you find that you still have no money and no car, but you still find a way to eat exotic foods and try new things.

One of my great food adventures took place with my friend Issac. After being introduced to Gus's Pizza next to campus by my friend Fox, we knew that was a place we would end up again. Why? Because they have a 32" pizza!

This pizza was enormous, and we could hardly believe that this sort of thing was available right off of campus. To put it in perspective (for all those not good at math), 32" is only a few inches short of a yard stick. The pizza fit almost completely across the table and the box did not fit in the garbage when we were done.

When we first came here, my friend Thunder was there with us. The four of us easily tore through this 32" monster. However, the second time we came, Thunder wasn't with us, and Fox was doing some cleanse thing and couldn't eat anything. So Isaac and I bravely took on the 32" challenge to see if we could finish it.

There was no prize involved. This was just him and I battling for the pride of being able to actually do this. But we didn't know how hard this honor would be to achieve!

After a good 30 minutes of chowing down on pizza, at least a third of it was still left and our stomachs were screaming at our brains to STOP! Every bite felt like I was eating a mountain of food, and each and every time I chewed I could feel the pain in my stomach growing slightly. The water helped a lot, and every so often I got up to do jumping jacks! (Yea, Fox thought I was crazy, too!)

After a long hard fight, we were down to just a few slices. It took a lot of convincing ourselves, but we eventually did it.

Suprisingly, the next day, I felt fine. I had a good 10 minutes session in the bathroom, and then that was it for the day. However, the day following that was HELL! Suddenly, my insides felt like they might burst, and my stomach was very angry at me. I began running to the bathroom to eject waste out of both sides of my body and was even losing consciousness! That's right, I would wake up and within 2 minutes I would be unconscious again. I would try so hard to stay awake, but it just wasn't happening. I could usually only stay awake long enough to make it to the bathroom and back.

Moral of this story? If you're gonna tackle a 32" pizza with a friend, buy some pepto bismal.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arizona State University Undie Run 2010

asu undie run 2010
ASU Undie Run of 2010

Simply put, the Undie Run was amazing. I had just finished up classes yesterday (the day of the undie run), and my last classes of the semester were on the West campus which is quite some ways away from the Tempe campus where the undie run is held. So after quickly pulling a 5 page paper out of my ass and having an exhausting, never-ending day, I didn't think I had enough strength to go and hang out with a bunch of people in my underwear.

Suddenly, I decided to go...

As I sat in my room watching the Colbert Report on my computer, I suddenly went, "You know what? I'm gonna go to that!" and within 5-10 minutes I was out the door with a bag of clothes to donate.

I sped all of the way there, making incredible time in about 20minutes (from the Loop101 and the I-10 to ASU Tempe, which should have taken 30-40min) and I got there just in time for the festivities to start.
hot college students
Simply put, it was awesome! People standing around in their underwear partying in their underwear, I even saw a mash pit for a while. A mash pit! In underwear! And when everyone took off running around 10 o'clock, it was an amazing experience. Never before have a seen such a huge mob of people, and the only thing I could think of is This Is The World's Biggest Circle Pit! And it's pretty easy to keep running when you're following girls like these...

Videos of The ASU Undie Run 2010

I didn't get any footage of the run itself, but here's a few videos from when everyone was partying in the field... (Sorry, I forgot to put my phone on higher resolution)

This event is definitely something to remember. I even participated myself running around in my underwear. At first, it seems weird, taking off your pants in front of a lot of strangers, but after a while, you get comfortable and just have a good time.

Afterwards, everyone went to Mill avenue to party some more.

As for myself, I ended up hanging out with a bunch of people afterward until it got late. Then, my headlights stopped working and I had to hold my high beams on all the way home.

But if you get the chance next time it goes on, don't hesitate in going to the undie run because it is definitely something you won't regret. And if you're school doesn't have one, maybe think about starting one up. It really helps to make the end of the semester feel complete. And after all, it's for a good cause.

Please leave a comment, and if you want to see more videos or pictures, there are plenty on Youtube or on the Facebook page. Just search ASU undie run 2010.


Monday, May 3, 2010

My Friend Ate An Eight Year-Old Twinkie!

2008! That was the year that Spring Break never ended for us. Despite still having classes and still having to do homework, we were still partying hard every night and going on all sorts of adventures. This was during the time I got my first apartment, and my friends had an apartment right above us. Everything was so confusing at that time, with people hooking up, people fighting, people making up. We didn't know what was what, but at the end of the day, we would say, "F#@* it!" and party to our hearts content.

During one of these faithful Spring Break adventures, I got the stomach flew. This didn't keep the others from drinking, of course. It was ok, though. I was dating a girl named Tara at the time and she kept me company. Besides, I enjoyed watching them do stupid stuff. Hahaha!

Russell and Travis came out of Travis's room in a fit of excitement because Russell (drunk) was just convinced by Travis (a little tipsy) to eat a Twinkie that he had been saving up for 7 or 8 years in a plastic baggy. So why did he eat it? Because:

  1. He was drunk
  2. Rumor has it that Twinkies become pure alcohol after 8 years

Whether that's true or not hardly even matters by this point. What matters is what happened next...


My ex-girlfriend Tara is the one manning the camera in that video (and in the one below). I woke her up out of dead sleep to video that (I didn't have a camera phone back then). And damn it was worth it!

Later on, the action continued. We each took different sides across the hall from each other and Travis began acting belligerent...

Haha! Good times...


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College, High School 2.0?

For some people, college life seems a lot like high school 2.0. They seem to get lost in lyrics like "high school never ends" and think nostalgically back to when life was much more simple. Well, I guess in some ways they are right. And maybe for some people it's even more true. However, my life only seems to change for the better.

There have been a lot of sacrifices along the way. For one, one of my best friends, Jonathan (also known as JT to distinguish him from the other Jonathan I know), who has been my best friend for most of my life, never quite evolved with me. I went off to college, and he stayed where he was at, making desperate attempts to get off the ground. (He's doing a lot better now!) Yet, still, he's often running into some of the same barriers he had a couple years ago; still trying to figure out how to get his post-secondary educational career going or what his other options are.

Bowling For Soup:
High School Never Ends
For me, it was easy. My parents always valued my education, and they seemed to have had the resources to support me, despite the fact that I never hear them stop bitching about money. For my first semester of college, I was lucky enough to have several thousands of dollars of inheritance from my grandma's death, most of which went toward a new laptop and other random bullshit. However, I had enough left over that I could afford to pay for my own school. Up through the time that I graduated from Phoenix College, my parents paid my tuition. Now, I rely on student loans to pay a ridiculously high $6000-7000 a semester tuition. (God, I'm glad I'm not out of state!)

During this course of time, I've done a lot of growing up and a lot of quite the opposite (let's say, perhaps, growing down?). I've matured in ways that allow me to take care of myself and be responsible, but I've honestly rediscovered my inner child out there. Turns out, he was hiding right in plain sight.

I moved out at one point, moved in with a girl, got in a lot of fights, broke up, moved out. We did the whole awkward haven't-seen-you-in-a-long-time-since-the-break-up when we completely by chance had the same guitar class, and ever since then I've pretty much ignored her. Ha!

I've gotten lots of friends, lost many. I've managed to make very few enemies and the enemies I did make, I made up with. And I feel bad sometimes cause some of my friends keep getting left behind. They either grow up without me or they act more like a kid than myself and end up in melodrama which leads to groups splitting apart into separate, harder-to-manage groups of people.

high school yearbook
yearbook pictures

Is college high school 2.0?

Well, you've got your jocks, you got your stoners, you got your occasional emo kids, and then you've got me. I don't know what the hell I am, and I don't really care. So I guess you could say, yea... it kind of is like high school 2.0.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Late Night Fun On Campus

I don't know anyone who knows better than me what it means to live the night life. My friends and I are truly night owls. We can sleep all day and party all night. Obviously, school takes place in the day. For me and some of my other friends, that happens in the early morning. For others of us, it happens at the evening, but when nightfall comes, we come out and play.

Lately, my friends and I have been rather scattered, leaving some very high-school-esque feelings behind. I myself have been tied down with so much and limiting who I hang out with as of late for the sake of time and getting done with school assignments (some horribly overdue by now). Even still, I find times to enjoy the night life.

When I went to Phoenix College, it was very common to find me staying up late through the night at one of the benches near the library studying or playing guitar. These days, I don't play guitar on campus all so much (especially since at ASU there is always people there even at 3am), but I still end up studying late into the night at the ASU library. Recently, I discovered the true meaning of MU after dark.

Basically, they hold frequent events at the Memorial Union (basically a giant cafeteria with various rooms for presentations) late at night. And one night, after hitting up the gym, I was lucky enough to stumble upon some dance thing they had going on. It was some latino dance thing, and I was intrigued to just sit there and watch a bunch of people dance. It was so simple but so complex at the same time.

I've also been rather mischievous during the nights there (and a few other places), drawing on sidewalks and putting my web address there. Hahaha. I wonder if that's worked at all....

Well, although there is never anything open during the night (except the same old places: walmart, denny's et cetera), the night life is definitely very exciting and you never know what might end up happening.