Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Special Request to My Readers

To be honest with you, even with all the data collecting devices that I use to track website traffic (feebdurner, google analytics, google webmasters, blogger), I still only have a very vague idea of how many readers are actually dedicated readers. I know I have "followed" a site or two without actually keeping up with it because I thought I might, and I'm sure most people who become dedicated readers don't even bother.

But never-the-less, I do know that one aspect of my site has been horribly, horribly under-appreciated, and that is that I not only allow but encourage readers to send in their own college stories or experiences. Maybe even just their thoughts about college life. ANYTHING. Because I had hoped when making this site to have it present a vast and diverse perspective on college life, and yet, I find myself alone in the venture.

I'm sure once the site picks up and I start getting some ridiculous amount of people coming here on a daily basis, I will get at least an occasional submission. However, until then, I'm afraid I pretty much have to BEG for it. So if you don't mind, please send a submission to or click the Submit Your Story button and add a comment for submission so that I can help to provide a diverse and wide perspective of college life.

You can make multiple entries.
It doesn't have to be long.
I can be about just about anything.
And it makes you cool... just do it!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picking Your Major In College

One of the things that an overwhelming number of people have a hard time doing in college is picking their major. I've known plenty of people who have graduated from a community college without having any idea what their major will be and still change it at a major university.

As for myself, I had gone through a similar phase of not knowing what I want to do. I've taken a very wide variety of classes simply because they sounded fun, and especially since I ended up with an extra semester of credits that couldn't transfer, a lot of those classes were really quite unnecessary.

I've done classes for marketing and thought it was pretty fun, but decided it was far too evil of a profession for me to pursue. I thought maybe a job in journalism or something to that effect might be neat, but quickly relinquished that idea. Then, I thought, perhaps being an author would be pretty cool, but I suppose I never really stuck to that either. I've taken many music classes and thought a lot about being a music major, but I decided there was more important things to be studied. Same with language. After all, I had taken French, Japanese, and Spanish. The thought definitely had crossed my mind. But ultimately, I decided to go with political science.

The choice wasn't all too difficult. After having taken several years of classes and been through many different subjects, I already knew which ones were interesting to me and which weren't. The choice ultimately came down to what I thought would have a greater impact on the world. And that was politics.

Several years ago, I probably would have seen myself in some field like philosophy or something to that effect. But I like politics a lot, and I find it very interesting how everything works in the political world. More so, I will probably end up just going back for all the degrees I wanted and never got anyway! So there's really nothing wrong with focusing on this one for now.

For a lot of people, choosing their major is about what is most practical, but trust me, that's not nearly as important as doing something you enjoy. Even if you have a crazy dream like being a broadway legend, just go for it! There's no reason to spend 2-10 years in college studying something you don't really care too much about just because it makes you a lot of money and then throwing away your childish dreams just because you think you're too grown up to enjoy life. Just give a shot! What's the worse that will happen, really?


Monday, May 17, 2010

Toilet Stalls On Campus

I was always amazed by toilet stalls on campus. To me, they've always been a very interesting place because it was like an open forum in which anyone could say anything. And nobody would know who anybody is. People could go by code names or not give any kind of identity at all. One person could even use multiple pens and have a conversation with himself and make it look like 3 or 4 people. You wouldn't even know!

I tried experimenting with the campus toilet stalls a couple of times. I would try imposing a couple of political questions, but never a response. I tried even posing statements that would insight some kind of reaction, but usually only got snide remarks back. Oddly enough, it seems as though people are only likely to respond to things that represent some kind of social order.

One such example of this is that on ASU campus, they often have "Fuck Greek Life" written in very large letters in the bathrooms. Quite a universal sentiment, it seems. Although I can't honestly imagine why anyone would have anything in particular against any of the frats, I honestly can't say I myself even care for them all too much. I'd never go so far as to write anything vulgar about them, but I guess I could kind of see where they're coming from, maybe?

I also never understood people who legitimately "tag" in the bathroom. You know, gang signs and all that. It just doesn't make sense. Perhaps taking a neighborhood wall or a street sign, that kind of makes sense cause that's saying "hey, this is our turf," but do gangs honestly want to be associated with taking a crap? Is someone gonna come take a squat in the stall next to me and offer drugs from under the stall? I highly doubt it. I don't even think they'd be stupid enough to hold a gang meeting on campus, for that matter. Besides that fact, I imagine it's very hard to "represent" when you've got a GED. It just kind of makes you an outcast doesn't it?

The other thing is these little stickers they've got all over the place telling you to wash your hands. I don't know if it really has any kind of positive effect on anyone, though, besides just making people more germaphobic.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

College Birthday Party

So yesterday was our friend Chris's birthday. I didn't really know it was his birthday, actually; I was just told that there was going to be a party.

This party was very much like any college party I've been to (though they really can vary a lot). This was one of the more mild ones with activities from bubble-gum chewing contests to beer pong. In fact, within minutes of my friend Shane showing up, they were having a contest who could chew a whole roll of bubble tape the longest, which quickly became a contest to see who could blow a huge bubble first.

To be honest, that was actually rather uneventful, and the high-light of the contest was mostly the dialogue taking place which you can't really hear in any of the videos I took. But it was definitely an interesting thing to see.

Also, I discovered my friend Lauren's water drinking capabilities...

Although the party was definitely a lot of fun, I have to say that the best part, as usual, was the beer pong they set up in the kitchen. For those who haven't read my previous posts on beer pong, beer pong is a highly competitive sport where combatants, usually on teams of two, toss balls into each others cup, forcing the other people to drink the beer in the cups. The first person to make their opponent run out of cups wins.

Beer pong is also very entertaining to watch because the team members tend to get very competitive and often make fools out of their selves with their macho displays, usually accompanied with drunkenness.

Opponents also often try methods of distracting their opponents without directly interfering with their ability to toss their balls in the cups.

The first game of the night definitely demonstrated this, especially with the guy in the hat and his sexual thrusting. Though I definitely have seen much much worse when it comes to beer bong. Let's see people get that riled up about flip cup!!

The game drug on kind of long, but they usually do unless you have at least one person who is like a beer pong champ.

Afterward, we all went to our "old stomping ground" as Thunder puts it, Filibertos. Not even half of us were eating, but it's always a fun place to hang out.