Thursday, June 3, 2010

And So the Chaos at Home Continues....

Okay. So my last post was about how living with parents sucks. I didn't fill you guys in on the full story. Here's what happened: I made an agreement with my mom to clean the garage and she'd go through the stuff that would be thrown away. However, she totally flipped shit, and I ended up having to stop and undo a lot of great progress because she's psychotic. Well, that is the short and skinny of it all anyway. You can check out the whole story on my other site called Ramblings of a Madman.

But annnnyway... the chaos has continued. They expected me to put all that random crap back in the garage, offering me NOTHING that would even remotely begin to make any of that hard work with it and pretty much undo everything I just spent so many countless hours doing. So frick! When my friend Jonathan asked if I wanted him to come get me and hang out, I was like "Frick yea!" And so we did. Little did I know, I was gonna be there till the next night (now) the next day. Ha! But honestly, I stopped giving a crap.

So anyway, I guess in my absence and do to my failure to comply by spending another several hours hauling random crap into the garage, which I did plan to do soon, my dad calls me up and tells me he's putting a bunch of money in my bank account because my mom has gone ballistic and blah blah freakity blah! So I guess she decided that she would somehow get back at me for trying to help her out by going into my room and trashing the place, or at least as much as she could before obviously my dad stopped her because much of my stop if still safe.

There was a random computer monitor on the ground, glass down, this stupid bench thing I put books on tipped over... still haven't picked it back up yet... not really my top priority since I haven't slept in so long and am running on super crazy amounts of coffee atm, and my books and papers from several places scattered all over the ground. A few other minor things were knocked over. Big whoop! But I suppose the thing that annoys me the most is that the random cloth fold-out table my brother got from Quick Trip from when he was working there got all bent up, which was making a sweet bed for my 17 year old sweet lil' kitty pepper. And seriously, she loves that thing! It's all wobbly now! Gah! That annoys me so much! And even now, she's all cute and rolled over on it just having a blast sleeping on it. She SERIOUSLY loves that thing. It's her own little freakin' bed! And now it's all busted up by my alcoholic, pill-popping, stoner, selfish, lazy, good-for-nothing (literally), piece-of-crap mother who never stops thinking about herself and only herself. She is quite possibly the most worthless human being I have ever met, and it seriously bothers me that she bent that thing, not only because it's my cats favorite place to sleep, but because it's also my brother Joe's table, and he seemed to really want to keep a lot of stuff from that job. He's off in the army thousands of miles away, and his shit is just getting pwnd because my mom is too selfish to realize that she's a total bitch.

And honestly, I'm not even exaggerating when I say my mom is a piece of shit. Literally, all she does all day is sleep until noon, get up, drink a whole bunch of coffee, wonder about letting our 30 indoor cats in and out (almost all of these cats were HER doing!), and then she sits in front of the tv getting high until she thinks that it's just a bloody brilliant time to start drinking half a handle of liquor. Then, god knows where the night will go from there. She will probably just pass out in front of the tv or something.

Literally, she does the dishes like 3 times a week if we get lucky. Every so often, she'll actually take out the trash. And if lightning strikes twice in the same place that week, she'll even clean the litter boxes. Other than that, she is a complete and utter waste of space. She eats random junk and gets fat and complains that she doesn't eat anything even though she binges on the worst sorts of things and thinks that kicking her legs for 1 minute at a time 3 times a day is exercise... not even any weights... just that.

I suppose you could say this whole entry is a mom rant, but when your mom is as much of a piece of crap as mine is, she really deserves 15 minutes in the spotlight, don't you think? It's pretty hard to keep failing at life so hard.

To further make her existence a complete waste, she randomly decided one day that she can't do house work anymore because she had "neck and back pain" that she believes happened as a result of an accident in her early twenties (now like fifty!). And of course that has nothing to do with passing out on couches that are terrible on your back and being fat and never moving. No... nothing to do with that.

In fact, I'm fairly convinced that she makes up pain. That's right. I think that it's almost entirely just an excuse to be fat and lazy. And my dad is totally whipped to this situation. He buys her the 14 medications she takes daily, shares his weed with her, buys her alcohol (and even roses!), and pays for these retardedly expensive surgeries which never quite seem to have any real effect.

Truth be told, she's just a user. She uses people. She uses drugs (and taking all those meds with alcohol? SERIOUSLY?). And she just sucks. I seriously think the only way you can really top that is if your mom used to beat or torture you when you were a kid, or if your mom was like a meth head or a prostitute. You'd have to get pretty freakin' extreme to top how horrible of a person my mom is.

And so, today, I finally got on the ball and applied for a dorm on campus because now I see that this place is utter bullshit, and although it beats working my ass off all the time to sustain a life of mere existence, at this point, I'm questioning how much better it really is. And come Fall, I'm probably going to move away from home for the last time and never talk to my mom again. My dad: cool. Yeah. I like my dad. He looks out for me. He's a swell guy even though he's retarded for putting up with my mom. But he's a real man. He provides for his family. He bends over backwards to fight for and protect what he loves which is his stupid fat-ass bitch wife and his excellent kids that are now going places with their lives after dealing with all their parents' bullshit growing up. I love my dad. Awesome guy. I will  keep in touch with him.

But yea... seriously... I wouldn't think another thought about it if I never spoke to my mom again because obviously, she really is just the biggest waste of air.


Sorry you had to hear that...


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Living With Parents... Not the Best College Living Arrangement

So I live with my parents. That's right. I do. And it sucks. It's not as bad as it could be. My parents and I get along pretty good, and for the past couple years, my parents have been kind of mellowing out. However, it still has a lot of aspects that sucks.

One, I can't have parties here. No biggy.

Two, I'm super far from everything and everybody, especially school, which means quite a bit of driving for me, especially for next semester unless I want to pay some outrageous prices to get parking.

Three, every now and then, they remind me that it would be swell if I got a job, even though they don't require rent, which would be four if I had to pay it, but it's not.

Four, I have to be quiet at night.

Five, I have to deal with their messy house and their messy ways of living, and although I keep my room fairly clean and always clean up after myself, it still sucks to deal with their messes.

Six, I'm not always 100% on what's alright to eat in the fridge and what's not.

Seven, they have 30 cats... like literally. That sucks!

Eight, they are moody sometimes and like to take it out on me.

Nine, sometimes when I try to help them out, it ends in a big disaster.

And finally, my mom is a drunk, pot-smoking, lazy, pill-popping piece of crap. I'd love to say something nice about her, but honestly, there isn't many nice things to say.

Obviously there are some upsides. For one, the whole living for free thing is kinda sweet. Further more, I don't ever have to pay for food. It's readily available right there. To top it off, free internet. That's really it, though, and things I could really go without.

Now if any of you know me or have gotten to know me through reading my entries, you're probably aware that I'm pretty much not down for having a "normal" job. I don't mind working, but honestly, if I'm doing something I don't enjoy or that interferes with school too much, I will more than likely quit very soon regardless of other financial responsibilities. This coincides with my views on life that you shouldn't ever have to spend a large amount of time hating life.

The problem with most jobs is this: you get paid too little; people are ordering you around with little say in what is to be done; you get all the crappy jobs while your superiors take the easier funner jobs; you often have to work for and with many annoying, stupid, inconsiderate, unpleasant, or otherwise crappy people that make your life a living hell; and you probably will never get promoted unless you're really like having a permanent poop-stain on the end of your nose.

"Normal" jobs just aren't worth it, and I won't do it. I would literally rather be the universities random homeless person sleeping and showering on campus. And particularly to avoid the trouble of having to work all the time to live in some apartment, I voluntarily lived in my car for a while. It is NOT comfortable to sleep in a buick, trust me!

There are some jobs out there that don't COMPLETELY suck ass, but let's be honest, the best you'll ever get from those jobs is contentment, and I am not okay with being just content 30 hours a week just to barely be able to stay alive.

So here I am, living at home. But you know what, if I can't get a dorm at school, you know what? I'm totally getting one the following semester. Because right now, I can see that although I would probably have to spend an extra several thousand dollars of student loans that I will never in my life be able to pay off, I honestly don't give a crap because by the time that all is said and done and I have my PhD after working my ass off for many years to achieve it, I will at least have a job that I like, that I don't have to get ordered around and do ridiculous work, that I have some kind of say in, and that I can pick and choose what company I want to deal with and find a company that I don't have to work with all these random losers who make my life hell. It won't matter that I have to pay back $200-500 a month for my student loans and live in some crack-head apartment complex and maybe still will be able to barely to pay all the bills, or perhaps I will make so much that won't be the case... either way, I will be happy with my life, doing something that I enjoy and by that point, money will just be some random number because my life will already be great.

So to that, screw living at home and screw working my ass off for a bunch of corporate dick heads; I'm going to get a college dorm and live at school. Let the government take care of me while they still will.